I can’t thank all of you enough for following me in this crazy, lovely blog world, but I want to see yours as well! Whenever you comment I always try to head back to your blogs and say hello, but today I want to open up the floor for YOU to share your blogs (or mention some of your favorites)! Oh, and helpful hint – if you include your email in your blogger profile then people can just press “reply” when you leave a comment!

Sooo… leave a comment below with your blog address so we can all follow each other!  As I do not have a formal “blog roll” yet (I follow almost 300+ blogs so I don’t want to leave anyone out), I will move this post over to the right-hand column so others can see the master list as well :)

Happy Thursday!

P.S. Please don’t use this as a space to promote your product.  I’m just trying to share the love here :)

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