{all images by Jagger Photography}

While inspiration hunting for Bethany & Gabe’s June 2012 wedding, I came across such a sweet idea that I just had to share with all of you. Joaquin & Lizzie were married at the same location Bethany & Gabe will be tying the knot, so I scrolled through some of their gorgeous images by Jagger Photography to get a better feel for the space before I head up there for my site visit in the coming weeks. After ooh-ing and aah-ing through their pictures, I came across one that really inspired me and touched my heart. During their ceremony, they planted a tree.

And not only did they plant a tree, but they had each guest help them plant it by using a pretty little shovel and scooping a pile of dirt lovingly over the roots. Now, I don’t know these two, but the wheels in my head started turning to think about all the ways you could do this, and for what reasons.

To remember loved ones who could not be there, honor your special day with something that will grow, just like your marriage and new life together… so many ideas on how you can incorporate this. Maybe each guest receives seeds, or an evergreen branch so they can plant one of their own? I’ve seen that before as well, but it really brings forth the eco friendly thinking in a really special way. I absolutely love the concept, what do you think!

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