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This was originally posted on May 10, but due to recent posts I’ve seen elsewhere, I feel the need to re-post this today in hopes that I can remind us all of this simple fact.

Confession: I have about 10 versions of this post saved in drafts. Let’s see if today I can get it right.

As in all facets of life, trends will come and go, and this is no different in the wedding world. From ruffled, textured dresses to short reception dresses to the anticipated onslaught of simple yet elegant “Kate Middleton” dresses that we will likely be seeing in the coming months. From mason jars to milk glass to candelabras to manzanita branches strung with orchids and floating tea lights. Garlands and tissue poms, bakers twine and striped barber straws. Pashminas for guests when there’s a chill in the air, dessert tables, cake pops, and late-night snacks. Vintage rentals and high-end cocktail lounges. Chiavari chairs seeming worth the extra $5/person to some people yet an unnecessary expense to others.

You get the gist of where I’m going here, right?

Over the past few months I’ve grown a bit sensitive to posts from bloggers expressing their disdain for many of the things I’ve just listed above, saying they are “getting old”. In some ways I do agree that there tends to be a lot of the same, but my response is – what do you expect when you read a million wedding blogs a day? On the contrary, in this instance, I think there is a need to separate bloggers and brides, to prevent feelings of doubt for those who are actually planning their wedding, suffering from inspiration overload, and utilizing the very items in decor that are being criticized by others.

As an avid mason jar lover and defender of these little lovelies til I’m blue in the face {get it? blue? like mason jar blue? hehe}, I tend to get a bit on the defensive side when topics of “overused trends” come up. My explanation for the masons is always that I actually use them to make homemade jam and pickles, and they remind me of my family and most importantly my beloved grandmother. But guys – the truth is, I don’t really need a reason to like masons, nor do I need a reason to stand up for them, or explain why we used them in our wedding. I could have seen them elsewhere and thought: “whoa, those are adorable, I am totally using those in my wedding.” I could also give the reason as I just listed above. Or, I could have no reason at all.

My point is this: You don’t need a reason to explain anything about your wedding day decor, fashion, music, etc. Go ahead! Use burlap and masons and take pictures in front of a barn, or dance the night away at your chandelier-lit ballroom black tie affair, or listen to the tunes of a steel drum band for your simple seaside ceremony followed by a grand exit surrounded by sparklers… It is your day – something that may very well exemplify who the two of you are as a couple… or may come out of left field and just be a pretty party full of things you two just happen to like. Always take the inspiration and opinions you come across with a tiny grain of salt, and remember that when it’s all said and done, as long as the two of you said “I do”, the rest will remain just lovely little details. And even if you include no details at all, as long as you have each other, the rest really isn’t important, is it?

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