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today’s DIY is pretty much the easiest thing ever. i’ve seen this idea on pinterest i think, but i decided i wanted to try it myself!

literally all you need for this project is a clean, dry mason jar (any size will do), a can of metallic gold spray paint, plastic gloves, and some newspaper or cardboard to protect the surface you’re spraying on. oh, and please, please, please don’t commit a cardinal sin by spray painting your blue masons – get clear ones, ok?

{images filtered using instagram – i’m “lovelydetails” if you want to follow along}

flip your masons upside down and get spraying! move quickly though, because the paint can tend to drip, and that’s not what you want. if too much collects in one spot, just give it a wipe with a paper towel and re-spray that area to keep it all nice and even.

the jars dry quickly (depending on where you live and whether it’s humid out), but give them time before you pick them up to use them. if you need, add a second layer of paint but you should be all good with just one round. these gold masons made the perfect vases for last weekend’s wedding, but you could really use them for anything. i did see them with straws in them at one point in the blogosphere, but i don’t know if i’d recommend drinking from them after they’ve been painted – that’s just a thought though!

have fun!

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