{gearing up for a surf session…in the woods?}

no way, i will not be surfing this weekend, but i will be heading down to half moon bay to check out the mavericks, because mother nature is ready! for those who don’t know, here’s what mavericks is all about:

Since the early 1990s, when the local spot was introduced to the world, Mavericks has become an epicenter of modern big-wave surfing, attracting elite riders to test its limits (and theirs) each time it rears its awe-inspiring head. With waves cresting as high as 50 feet, ridiculously strong currents, dangerous rocks, perilously shallow reefs, and bone-chilling water temperatures, Mavericks is like no other place on Earth.

Each winter, during a waiting period typically set for sometime between November and March – if and when conditions are perfect, and giant swells roll in from far across the Pacific – The Mavericks Surf Contest® is held. On just 24 hours notice, two dozen of the surfing community’s bravest and most skillful souls assemble to confront the thundering mountain of salt water many consider to be the most dangerous wave Mother Nature has ever concocted.

last year we waited and waited but the conditions never really worked out – so i’m excited to check it out firsthand this year! anyone else doing the same?

*     *     *     *

in the meantime, here are some of this week’s favorite links from around the web:

claire, you’re killing me with this week’s recipes: from yummy banana muffins with peanut butter streusel to salted chocolate brownies, i cannot wait until my january “shred” is over so i can healthily indulge.

oh, and once that shred is over, i will most definitely try out these homemade snickers bars from sugar & charm!

anne m cramer, you had me at hello. love these nautical stripes!

still oohhing and aahhing over natalie’s gorgeous wedding and her “make your own boutonniere” station.

i so wish this dress was still available, but even more, i wish i could find this one.

if anyone serves these brie pops at their wedding, do you mind if i crash the cocktail party?

can’t make it to mavericks? check out one of my favorite surf documentaries, step into liquid (even not-so-enthusiastic surf fans will love it).

*     *     *     *

have a great weekend, everyone!

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