i have a little fun challenge for you this weekend. want to try it out? ok!

when you find yourself in the drive-through for coffee today/this weekend (you know you will, right?), ask the cashier window guy/girl if you can pay for the person’s coffee behind you (unless of course they’re stocking up for their company holiday party and buying 10 dozen donuts and coffee, etc haha). a friend of mine told me yesterday that she was getting her coffee and was surprised to find out that her coffee had been paid for by the car in front of her, with a message “merry christmas!” she was so touched by the thought that she decided to do the same for the person behind her and asked the attendant how long this had been going on. the coffee attendant replied “oh, this has been going on for the past 2 and a half hours straight!”

i mean how awesome is that? something as simple as paying for a coffee can not only make someone’s day, but can also get you in to the giving spirit right off the bat. it’s not big, but it’s something. give it a whirl this weekend and see if you can start a 2 and a half hour trend. i’m off to do that this very minute :)

have a great weekend everyone!

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