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fun fact: in 2005, 2 years after graduating college, i moved to australia. solo. i had always wanted to go to australia but played lacrosse in college (club – don’t get too excited but we still traveled  all over the country and the season always interfered with study abroad programs), so i never had a chance to go. after planning weddings + events in newport, rhode island for a few years, i suddenly realized if i was ever going to pick up and move somewhere, it had to be then, before i settled down somewhere. so with the blessings of my former co-workers, friends and family, i packed up, obtained my australian work visa, and bought a one-way ticket to sydney, australia. i found a sweet little apartment right off the beach in coogee, one of the beach suburbs outside of sydney, and got a job in sydney coordinating events + marketing for a private school. i took the bus in from coogee to sydney every day. i traveled. i met new friends everywhere i met. when you travel alone, you have 2 choices – stay alone or meet new people. i chose option B and continue to keep in touch with so many of those wonderful friends to this day. long story short – it was probably the most amazing experience of my life. part of my heart stayed in sydney when the time came for me to come back to the states, and i have always been dying to go back there. and tomorrow night, pat and i are packing up and heading back to my old hometown. and i cannot wait. i can’t even sleep i’m so excited. if i could add another 20 exclamation points to this paragraph to express my excitement i would. but i think you get the picture :)

we’ll be meeting up with old friends, visiting some amazing wedding venues, and seeing as much as we possibly can in 2-weeks. oh and i’m also dying to pay a visit to the sydney flower mart, though i’m not sure pat would be as excited about that! hehe. and of course i’ll be sharing images whenever possible over on instagram so definitely make sure to pop by if you want to follow along. see you back here in a few weeks :)

(oh, and PS – also check in to Style Me Pretty on monday morning, jan 28 around 9am PT / 12pm ET. you might spy LLD!)

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