spring hammock by jacin fitzgerald
{image taken with my instagram}

this past weekend we decided to book a last minute trip up to one of my favorite places on the planet – st. helena. st. helena is a quaint little town in napa valley filled to the brim with cozy restaurants, boutique wineries, and pretty sights in every direction. it’s a treat for all 5 senses and we lucked out with a big ol’ house that was available for our last minute request. there were only 4 of us willing to make the trek at such late notice and it was just a perfect weekend. we visited wineries, dined at a unanimously-agreed-upon favorite restaurant, and relaxed at our leisure. rhody had a blast exploring the surrounding areas of the house which resulted in us having to rescue a cat from a tree haha, and even snuck in a few swims in the pool. the weekend wasn’t a burdon on our wallets when we all pooled in together but it was more than that – each person had their own personal agenda and reason for wanting to get away. sometimes we get so caught up in our daily routine that we forget to remember to take time to do those things that make us happy without feeling guilty for taking the time to do so. i realized i had a few things that had been holding me back, so i decided to start a happy list every week. i also created a personal, private instagram feed for my 8,305,106 photos of rhody, pat, the grass, and anything everything that inspires me so i don’t have to constantly flood my lovelydetails instagram account, and save that more for the wedding/floral/business-related posts. it was such a small action but made me happy that i could post to my hearts content of all the things that truly do make me happy or inspired. so today i’ll share a few with you – here’s my happy list top 5, week 1 :)

1. rainy days – as i type this the rain is tapping on my windowpane and though my office could use a little cleanup and i could probably use another lamp to brighten the room a bit, that rain is making my heart happy as can be.

rhody by jacin fitzgerald{taken with my personal instagram}

2. unconditional love from the dog at my feet – this pup i swear, can turn anyone’s frown upside down. he’s the sweetest little ball of fur i’ve ever met and the unconditional love he shows us on a daily basis is such an inspiration. the guy is always happy, unless we’re gone. how simple is that? oh rhody you’re just the best :)

3. seeing the hard work of friends pay off – have you seen reverie made’s new website? if you haven’t yet – go. it is probably the prettiest, most unique branding i’ve ever seen. new jersey brides, you are in for a treat if you decide to work with kristin & adam. kristin and i have been friends through this crazy wedding blog world for the past few years and i finally got to meet her at this past engage in december. she’s a true inspiration and example of what hard work, amazing style, and a tireless work ethic looks like. plus, she is probably one of the nicest people on the planet. congratulations on your gorgeous new site!

4. early morning walks as the sun comes up – a quiet time to reflect on your thoughts while the dog runs happily beside you. bliss.

5. dinner consisting of cheese, charcuterie and wine – dream dinner. that’s it.

hope you all had a great weekend whatever you were up to. what’s on your happy list today? :)

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