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I had the pleasure of working with Jacin and her associate Caitlin of Lovely Little Details for my wedding this June. I was in need of a day-of coordinator for my church ceremony and Lovely Little Details quickly put me at ease. They understood my vision perfectly and orchestrated everything behind the scenesat the church from the trio and organist down to the few members of the wedding party that had missed the rehearsal! No one missed a step on wedding day! I had no worries even though I’m someone who can get very picky about the little things and every last detail went perfectly - thanks ladies!

Jane & Andrew
I can’t say enough wonderful things about Jacin - I can’t even begin to tell you what a Godsend Jacin was for our wedding this past June! I found her and Lovely Little Details in 2010 when I was starting to plan our wedding - and she truly helped us to have one of the best days of our lives!!! I feel so honored and lucky to know her!I am a DIY bride and had a vision of what I wanted and went about putting things together and buying all these items that I wanted in the wedding but didn’t know how to make it become the vision in my mind but Jacin did JUST that! Everything she touched turned to gold - honestly!!!!

My now husband Jason and I are VERY organized people - but we were put so much at ease with Jacin - we felt so comfortable and knew that she would take care of us - and what a blessing THAT was just knowing that someone will have your back and take care of you. She met with us a few times before the wedding, first to discuss our vision & get to know one another - we emailed all the time, she even drove out to the wedding site in Danville (all the way from San Francisco) to walk through the area and become acquainted with our personalities and what we hoped to have for our day. And then she met with us again at a coffee house to go over the details and a day-of-schedule. And she met us AGAIN and we were in constant contact over email and phone. We weren’t worried at all - and that is very unlike us - trust me. hahaha…

On the day of our wedding - she was there early - one of the first people I saw at the site that morning when getting ready - and she looked wonderful! She was in an elegant black dress and was ready to go. She kept me calm and all of the day-of-coordination and setup and everything during the reception went without a hitch!!!

The day was truly amazing - the room was ABSOLUTELY stunning!!! She has a wonderful attention to detail and even ran out and bought colored crayons for our little children guests without us knowing until later!!! And she coordinated with the DJ and the on-site staff and even went around to each table and put all our items back in our car for us at the end so people wouldn’t take our silver pots - all these little things just helped so much - she was the behind-the-scenes goddess of the night!!!

We can’t thank you enough Jacin for everything and I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend her - you will be SO lucky to work with her!!!

Jenny & Jason
Jacin! You made me the bouquet of my dreams!!!Beautiful, original, fun, and it smelled AMAZING.

Ashley & Dalton
I could wax poetic about how fabulous Jacin is… but I’ll keep the beginning short + to the point for those looking for a quick review: Contact her, and book her now. You will never regret it!!Now for the details - My fiance and I originally planned a June 2012 wedding, Jacin found us in the process and we teamed up to start the planning. But at the beginning of November, my fiance and I had a crazy hairbrained thought: What if we ditched our June wedding for a surprise New Years Eve wedding…in 8 weeks?

I nervously emailed Jacin to see what she thought. She called me within minutes to say, “Yes! Let’s do it. I’m so in.”

That’s Jacin- she’s 100% “can do” with a smile and flair. Over the next few weeks, she was in constant contact with me through finding a location, hiring a caterer… even bolstering my spirits when I was a little worried about getting it all done or finding vendors on our crunched time period. From DIY touches, like adding on florals to our package, to reception room arrangements… she handled it all flawlessly.

When our wedding day arrived, I was the most relaxed bride ever… or so I was told by multiple guests! I’m sure there were little bumps throughout the day, but I never, ever saw or heard them. To us, our wedding day was flawless, and so “us”, all because those Lovely Little Details were in the hands of the most capable person I know, Jacin Fitzgerald.

Again, I say… get her for your wedding day. Do it! :)

Bethany & Gabriel
I’m not sure one little note can begin to express how unbelievably wonderful it was to have Jacin with us during the planning of and celebrating of our wedding weekend. I can’t begin to express how thankful we were to have Jacin! I so appreciate all the extra touches she added to help better tell our story - from the lady bug pins to the celebratory champagne delivery to the tea boxes to the confetti to the Paloma’s Nest ornament. The love is in the details and Jacin has such a fantastic way of seeing to every little detail to build a day full of love!Jacin has the innate ability to bundle creativity, trust, business acumen, communication and fun all in to one. Jacin anticipated every tiny thing, as if she ready my fellow perfectionist mind! All the hard work she put in was such a gift because it truly allowed Duncan & I (along with our family & friends) to celebrate the day with oodles of laughter and happy tears.

I thank Jacin so much for everything she did to make our wedding perfect!

Kali & Duncan
My dearest Jacin,Omar and I wanted to express our sincere gratitude for your fabulous work and inspiration! You are truly a delight and so great at what you do! You made our wedding planning a breeze and worry-free, and what bride doesn’t want that ease of planning on her big day! Additionally, the flowers and decor were out of this world amazing and exactly what I envisioned for my wedding. I must say, that your attention to details was really what made our event so special! Every single detail from the flower selection to the menu embossing was absolutely superb. I am certain my Ritz friends will be following up with you very soon, as I have gotten so many comments on how fabulous and smooth the event was.

Omar & Anya
I can’t tell you enough great things about Jacin. We had our wedding two weeks ago and I can’t believe how great it was and I owe it to Jacin. I had no idea I needed a wedding planner until I met her. I had so many people comment how calm I seemed the week of the wedding and it was because I didn’t have to worry about all the last minute details because I knew Jacin would take care of everything- hence her business name- Lovely Little Details.I started out the wedding process completely overwhelmed and wanting to have our wedding in May which gave us only 6 months to put together a 110 guest wedding/reception for mostly out of town guests. I was told by many people before meeting Jacin that this was not enough time but the first time I met her she said she didn’t think it would be a problem. She gave me a small list of things I needed to get done in the first couple of weeks, including finding my dress and finding a date and venue and she took care of everything else. I didn’t meet my florist until the day of the wedding. Jacin and I talked about peonies and she gave me a couple of pictures and illustrations and I told her I just wanted our wedding to be pretty and she made the decisions for me. I can’t tell you how beautiful our wedding and reception was at the Marines Memorial Club in downtown San Francisco. My husband, fiance at the time, thought the space felt dated and old but I liked the space and had heard good things about it and finally talked him into it. When he walked into the space on the day of our reception he couldn’t believe his eyes. She transformed the space into a cool, hip, beautiful space. Our DJ, Bert Blank, provided pink/purple uplighting and with all that Jacin did to the space- it was awesome! I’m not sure how many people came up to me and said that it was the most beautiful and elegant wedding/reception they have ever been to in their life. I’d love to tell people that we did it on a very modest budget but I don’t think they’d believe me because it was so great! To anyone out there that doesn’t think you need a wedding planner I can’t tell you loud enough what a relief it was to have Jacin with me during the process and especially the day of. She’s incredible!!!

Jen & Chris
Our best decision was having [Steph and] Jacin there. From designing all the fun details of our tequila tasting to scouting out local Mexico-themed goodies for the out-of-town bags and coordinating the entire wedding day, Jacin was a dream come true.For the last four months before our wedding, I never had to worry about anything. She had so many great ideas and added the best personalized touches to our entire wedding weekend that had our guests raving.

Mark & Meleesa
Wow, what a lifesaver you were at our wedding! I’m sure you could tell from my reaction (one of my favorite moments of the day) that the barn far exceeded my vision of it and I can’t believe you pulled it all off! It was so amazing to spend those couple of days just enjoying friends and family and we will be forever grateful for that!Again, thank you so very much for everything you did for us. We’ve received so many compliments on your creativity!

Mark & Sarah


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