Bride Guide: Buy Holiday Lights This Week!
This is a re-post from the holiday week that I thought would be a perfect supplement to today‚Äôs “tuesday tips”.
With the holidays over :(, all the returns will be happening in the next few days - which means, to you brides who are looking for twinkling lights at your wedding, this is YOUR time to get out there and purchase lights!!  During this time, strands of holiday lights are going to be significantly reduced in price so make sure you head out and pick some up this week!
In the spirit of twinkling lights and sparkling accents, here are a few images I pulled from one of my pinterest boards :)
Images from: blog.flicker.net, andrea-marie.org, photos.ibibo.com, fallwedding.tumblr.com, luxist.com, honeyandjam.com, cottage living.
Happy Tuesday!
  • Teenage Bride says on January 4, 2011 Reply

    I have to admit….. I was too ummmm (lazy) to put up Christmas lights this year.

    Next year for sure!!!

  • Kamie says on January 4, 2011 Reply

    Jacin! You are so right about buying lights now!! We bought quite a few last week and they were 50% off!!

  • Alicia@ ecofriendly homemaking says on January 4, 2011 Reply

    You know I always think of buying ornaments after Christmas but Lights are a great idea especially since we had some strands that didn't work this year.

  • MeggyLou says on January 4, 2011 Reply

    i think tuesday is my new favorite day :)

  • Liz Marie says on January 4, 2011 Reply

    Hey Hun! I just wanted to let you know I mentioned you in my latest blog post :) I gave you the "stylish blog" Award.. ummm because your blog is simply amazing!! I hope you are having a fabulous week.. & if you want to post about this all you have to do is mention who gave you the award & then list some blogs that you think deserve to get the award. I love all the changes you have done to your blog & I want you to know that I look forward to seeing all your posts!!! xx Liz Marie

  • Anastasia Marie says on January 4, 2011 Reply

    Yes, it's that perfect time! I'm so anticipating all these summer parties that scream for lights that sell only during Christmas and shortly after!

  • Jasmine says on January 4, 2011 Reply

    i love that! the lights are so pretty! & great tip about buying lights now!

  • Miss Puppy Love says on January 4, 2011 Reply

    Gab- I love the new header! And Iove this tip. Christmas lights have the potential to be beautiful, yet cost effective, decor

  • Marina says on January 4, 2011 Reply

    I think the universe is sending me a message, because I swear I was looking in vain for pinterest before I read your comment on my blog, came to read your latest, and voila! pinterest.

    So thank you for that :)

  • Tiffany says on January 5, 2011 Reply

    In terms of the awkward situations I also don't like conflict or any type of confrontation, so I'm dreading the conversation but I know it must happen.

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