just popping in for a quick hello with a shot from this weekend’s wedding - the bride wanted something natural and unruly, with a farm-to-table feel. I used dahlias and cabbage roses from her mother’s beautiful garden to add a sentimental feel to her bouquet. I also used kumquats, ranunculus, maiden fern, dahlias in all shapes and sizes, helleborus, thistle and a few other blooms here and there. it came out just as I was hoping, but more importantly, just as the bride wanted! my favorite part was walking in with the bouquet and centerpieces, and having the bride’s family say “oh my gosh, these flowers are so her!” it was an amazing wedding with SO many lovely little details and I can’t wait to share more. but first, it’s on to the prep for a fun event coming up this weekend in LA. see you all back here soon!

this was what my trunk looked like transporting all the centerpieces!

{images by the incredibly sweet + talented jessica burke}

Earlier this year I received an email from one of my favorite people (who happens to be one of my favorite photographers, too), Jessica Burke who was working with a client who had to move their wedding date up much sooner than planned and wanted to do a city hall ceremony. This couple happened to be a Navy nurse and Navy pilot, and their original wedding date had to be changed, because the bride found out she was going to be deployed to Afghanistan on that very same day. Jessica asked, do you do florals for city hall weddings? I excitedly replied yes and wanted to get involved in any way I could. Unbeknownst to the couple, Jessica and I planned to surprise them with proper wedding florals on their big day, so they could still have the wedding feel even though their wedding was a bit different than they had originally planned. I studied the bride’s pinterest board to get a feel of what she was originally going to go for, and created a bouquet made with every ounce of love I had to give. This couple was sacrificing not just their wedding day, but their every day freedom to protect what we take for granted all too often. It was the least I could do to create something as a surprise to make the couple feel that “realness” of their wedding day, even if it was just a few bouquets and a boutonniere.

The end result was not only a surprised and happy couple, but the nicest email I’ve ever received. “…your kind gift of the flowers made the civil ceremony feel extra special and I can tell you with so much enthusiasm that it added the magical touch a wedding day carries.” Mark and Alessandra, it was such an honor to work with you both and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do for our country. God bless!

Go take a look at the full story over on Snippet & Ink and leave the amazing couple some love. I’ll be back later this week with an update on the move!

{all images (c) jacin fitzgerald/lovely little details - please credit if used}

earlier this week I showed you a snapshot of the blooms I had picked up and was prepping for a few orders (that I literally just dropped off this morning!) here are some pictures of the final products - both weddings were small intimate ceremonies so just a few bouquets and boutonnières, but the best part was that both brides gave me their inspiration, but also trusted me to “do my thing”. I feel like my florals are kind of organic and really textural, and I love to use a lot of color if a client is up for it, especially this time of year! so to have people trusting me to “just go with it” really lets me put my creative energy to work - and I love it. so so much.

I used a pretty pink chevron ribbon for this order. all of the bridesmaids wore pin-on corsages (pretty boutonnières) instead of carrying bouquets.

for those who were asking, I used a combination of coral peonies, craspedia (billy balls), daisies, greenery, ranunculus, iceland poppies, tulips, pincushion protea, dahlias, and a few other blooms. the bride for the florals in the pics above wanted something that was free flowing, and not necessarily a “round” bouquet, so I used tulips to give the bouquet a cascading effect.

and this last little order was for my bride cary, who’s wedding is next saturday here in san francisco, but she and her fiance are having their civil ceremony at city hall today. I couldn’t let her go in without some flowers, right? I used twine to tie her bouquet and his boutonniere, as their wedding next weekend is very “beachy chic” so this was just a little intro to what their whole day will look like. hint: TONS of coral peonies, sea glass & driftwood. i. cannot. wait.

hope you like them! the brides were happy and in my mind, besides showing the venue to the bride & groom before anyone else sees it, seeing the reaction on the clients’ face when I give them their flowers is pretty much my next favorite thing.

happy friday everyone - enjoy your weekend!

{personal photo please credit if shared or pinned}

I was prepping my flowers for a lovely little order that I’m delivering on friday and couldn’t get over the beauty and bright & vibrant colors - so I figured I’d share a quick shot with you to enjoy, too!

happy wednesday!

{all images shared with instagram, my username is “lovelydetails” if you want to follow along}

this past week flew by, as they always do! here’s what i was up to:

  • created a few arrangements for one of my favorite friendors and a shoot she was putting together (here’s a little sneak peek taken with my personal camera, i can’t wait to see the professional pics!)

  • discovered a new favorite flower, mini carnations, which are formally called “star pink tessino” carnations. they’re the light pink ones above that look like tiny dahlias!
  • took a day trip to a very special beach up in fort bragg with one of my brides in search of sea glass. the entire beach was made up of tiny pieces of sea glass - it was amazing! we borrowed some to use for her wedding and we will be putting it right back where it belongs after her big day :)
  • placed some linen orders for a few upcoming events
  • enjoyed a day off yesterday at the beach with a little BBQ action

hope you all had a great weekend!

{please excuse my iPhone pics - floral design by LLD}

ever since this post, I’ve been so in love with the idea of wristlets for bridesmaids, mothers, & grandmothers, and I’ve been making them more and more for lovely clients. who wouldn’t want to rock some delicate blooms as a bracelet alternative? personally, I can’t get enough and I love the whimsical look it brings out.

{floral design by LLD}

what do you think? yay or nay?


{it wouldn’t be friday faves without a song to kick off your weekend, right?}

oh friday i am so so happy you showed up. this week was crazy busy, from shipping jam like a madwoman to tying up loose ends to catching up with awesome wedding peeps to client meetings and deadlines… and i sure am ready to kick off the weekend with a date night tonight followed by a computer-free weekend for the most part. this morning i came across an ever-so-inspiring post that i read nearly a year ago but just re-read today to remind myself - don’t you love when you re-discover old treasures? me too.

*  *  *  *  *

here we go with some friday faves:

* it was love at first sight when i spotted the berry baskets used in this sonoma soiree, designed by the amazingly talented bride herself

* planning to visit san francisco? make sure this is on your list. SO FUN. we’ve been twice :)

* do you SEE these beauts? you can bet i’ll be using them for something pretty.

* i really hope this girl submitted her wedding somewhere. because it was nothing short of ridiculously amazing in every way.

* i forgot about this fun idea for an out of town bag!

* i can’t wait to see the professional pics of this bouquet :)

* the 2012 save the date series lineup has been announced!

*  *  *  *  *

have a great weekend everyone! i’ll be jammin’ away :)

after working in florals for quite some time now, i’m happy to bring in a new service concept to LLD, the pretty posies package, offering custom floral arrangements based on your style, colors, & inspiration for a special photo shoot {or, just because!}. you can have your photographer reach out to me with your inspiration, send me your pinterest board, or just fill out a little questionnaire i have to get to know a little bit more about you. then on the day-of, i’ll drop on by with your pretty blooms and be on my way! it’s a fun way to try out some floral styles before your wedding, and also adds a pretty detail to your photo shoots. and all bouquets come delivered in an authentic blue mason that you can keep, of course, as a lovely little memento :)

if you’re interested in more information, send me a note at: jacin {at} lovelylittledetails {dot} com {this and all other packages will be outlined in my new site, launching soon}

oh, and i can’t wait to show you the pictures of the bouquet & boutonniere i made for yesterday’s bride and groom who eloped! stay tuned for more on that soon!

happy thursday!

{all images taken with personal camera (c) jacin fitzgerald}

i have so so so much on my list today but all i can think about is pulling these lovely blooms together for a very special bouquet. i put a note out there on facebook last week saying how much i’ve been dying to incorporate kumquats in a wedding bouquet and wouldn’t you know it, a very special photographer happened to have the perfect bride looking for something fun, whimsical and with lots of color, and a match was made.

so until my to-do list is completely checked off, these beauts will be waiting patiently for me, smelling sweet and looking pretty. i’d say that’s a pretty good reward for getting my work done today, don’t you think?

have a great week, everyone :)

{all images and floral design by ella bella floral in cache, utah}

it’s very rare that i post things i did not craft or design myself here these days, but when i came across these stunning florals by ella bella floral, i literally was left speechless and absolutely had to share them with you for inspiration. are these not some of the most gorgeous flowers you’ve ever seen? my favorite part about flower design is pulling together all of the “ingredients” for an arrangement, because every flower really does add such a different element, almost like cooking your favorite recipe and making it your own.

sometimes flower arrangements don’t need to be over complicated - a single bloom can speak volumes if you find the right one! and there’s just something about that pretty blue mason with a simple bouquet of dahlias, protea & coral peonies that just make my heart happy.

here’s a little more prettiness, but please please please make sure to pay ella bella floral’s blog a visit and leave them some love for their amazing creativity!

i kind of want to take this bouquet around with me all day.

a pretty poppy, textured peony and succulent in a birch bark vase? yes please. if this doesn’t brighten your day, i don’t know what will!

happy thursday!

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