this week’s florals {coral peonies, craspedia & daisies, oh my}

{all images (c) jacin fitzgerald/lovely little details - please credit if used}

earlier this week I showed you a snapshot of the blooms I had picked up and was prepping for a few orders (that I literally just dropped off this morning!) here are some pictures of the final products - both weddings were small intimate ceremonies so just a few bouquets and boutonnières, but the best part was that both brides gave me their inspiration, but also trusted me to “do my thing”. I feel like my florals are kind of organic and really textural, and I love to use a lot of color if a client is up for it, especially this time of year! so to have people trusting me to “just go with it” really lets me put my creative energy to work - and I love it. so so much.

I used a pretty pink chevron ribbon for this order. all of the bridesmaids wore pin-on corsages (pretty boutonnières) instead of carrying bouquets.

for those who were asking, I used a combination of coral peonies, craspedia (billy balls), daisies, greenery, ranunculus, iceland poppies, tulips, pincushion protea, dahlias, and a few other blooms. the bride for the florals in the pics above wanted something that was free flowing, and not necessarily a “round” bouquet, so I used tulips to give the bouquet a cascading effect.

and this last little order was for my bride cary, who’s wedding is next saturday here in san francisco, but she and her fiance are having their civil ceremony at city hall today. I couldn’t let her go in without some flowers, right? I used twine to tie her bouquet and his boutonniere, as their wedding next weekend is very “beachy chic” so this was just a little intro to what their whole day will look like. hint: TONS of coral peonies, sea glass & driftwood. i. cannot. wait.

hope you like them! the brides were happy and in my mind, besides showing the venue to the bride & groom before anyone else sees it, seeing the reaction on the clients’ face when I give them their flowers is pretty much my next favorite thing.

happy friday everyone - enjoy your weekend!

  • Jessica says on May 18, 2012 Reply

    Those peonies and billy balls are beyond gorgeous!

  • Leslie says on May 18, 2012 Reply

    Gorgeous! I’m sure they were happy.. I would be too! I love peonies. Your choice of flowers is perfect. Great colors.

  • There’s just something about bright pink and orange together that just makes you beam!

  • Julie says on May 29, 2012 Reply

    that’s it! from now on, I am referring to you as the peony queen! stellar!

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