Tips and Advice

Hindsight is always 20/20, but this list (updated regularly) will hopefully provide you with some helpful tips along the way!  Have a tip you’d like to share with other brides or a question about your planning? Contact me!

  • Make a list of all the photos you’d like your photographer to take on your big day {read more}
  • Stock up on champagne after the holidays to take advantage of post-celebration sales {read more}
  • Purchase holiday lights after Christmas to save on your twinkling decor {read more}
  • Visit tripadvisor.com before you book your honeymoon {read more}
  • Getting the most out of your flowers - advice from a florist {read more}
  • Take advantage of your hair & makeup trials and don’t be afraid to ask for changes until you are happy with the final look {read more}
  • Purchase an inexpensive “decoy” wedding ring set to bring on your honeymoon to prevent loss/theft of the real deal {read more}
  • Say “no” to some of the DIY to eliminate added stress (and cost) {read more}
  • Use a handy spreadsheet to track all of your RSVPs and Thank-Yous {read more}
  • Top tips from a wedding photographer {read more}
  • Purchase your baker’s twine in bulk to save money {read more}
  • Unique shower gift ideas {read more}
  • Stay true to your wedding day vision {read more}
  • Give your bridesmaids a little tip {read more}
  • Writing a wedding speech {read more}
  • Be present {read more}
  • Choosing wedding wine {read more}
  • Don’t let wedding blogs make you feel inadequate {read more}
  • Tips on planning your wedding from afar {read more}
  • Dress shopping and finding “the one” {read more}
  • Saving $ on budgeting your food and beverage {read more}
  • Handling the email change if you change your name {read more}
  • Make sure you listen to your groom’s needs, too {read more}
  • Sign up for online coupons! {read more}
  • Beating social media burnout {read more}
  • Do your own calligraphy {read more}
  • Don’t feel bad splurging on yourself {read more}
  • Let go of your wedding day expectations long after the day has come and gone {read more}
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