Happy Memorial Day {Tiny Weekend Recap}

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? I hope it was amazing, and you were able to do something that makes you happy.

life is good

I am taking the day off from the computer to spend some quality family time today as I bask in a post-wedding hangover from my cousin Caitlin’s wedding this past weekend. You’ll definitely see more on this in the coming weeks - everything about it was just perfect, every single detail!  {and I even pulled off my speech without a hitch, which was a huge sigh of relief for me as I’ve never done a wedding speech before!}

{All pictures are from my camera}

{bride and groom pre-rehearsal}

The wedding took place in the south shore of Massachusetts, near the beginning of Cape Cod and the weather couldn’t have been any better. I am SO happy to be back east right now, back in New England, soaking up some sunshine and taking advantage of my favorite things before I head back to California (fresh strawberries from the local orchards, bike rides to the beach, fresh clams (littlenecks) on the grill, Del’s lemonade, and lots more things I can’t even think of as I type this).

My family is very patriotic, and holidays such as Memorial Day and 4th of July are always important to us in more ways than one - but most of all, remembering our heroes who fight for the very freedom we sometimes take for granted is something we take seriously, and you can bet that there will be marches playing in our houses tomorrow as we sit around the BBQ or head off to the local parade, flags in hand.

So, I’ll close it off with a picture of me and my cousins (the bride is in the middle!) from the weekend.

Have a safe and fun Memorial Day, everyone!! See you back here tomorrow :)

  • Looks like you had a truly wonderful time at your cousin’s wedding! Thanks for sharing about a REAL “real wedding”. Hope you had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend.

  • Steph says on June 2, 2011 Reply

    Sounds like a wonderful time!!

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