balancing the busy season {shifting priorities to get it done}

{darren booth}

a few weeks ago i returned from a lovely little hiatus, and, not gonna lie, it was so needed! during that time i was able to focus on my biz, my clients, expansions, floral design, launching my new website!, and just as important, quality time with friends and family.

the blogging evolution for me has been a really fun journey - from my initial wedding planning blog to a {very} short stint of posting real weddings to constant inspiration to LLD biz updates and real client projects - but after taking time away to focus on my priorities, it’s been really hard for me to get back in to the daily posting. as i’m not technically a “blogger” by trade, AKA it’s not paying the bills ;), i find it really hard to be posting all the time when my focus really needs to be on my upcoming events and all that is going on with the biz. that and taking a moment to enjoy the fresh air and smell the roses every once in a while, which i do believe is part of the recipe to a happy life, don’t you? i’m constantly striving to shift my presence from online to real world, and i’m pretty excited about where i’ve come thus far in that “resolution”.

with the LLD busy season officially here in full swing, i need to apologize ahead of time for the impending blog absence that is to come, but i can promise i will be popping in from time to time with updates - from introductions to some of my couples to a few projects i have going on, to a general hello or something i think is fun. the next few weeks in particular are going to be crazy - starting with a trip to zurich, france & italy next week where i will be hopping on trains to see all i can while pat is in meetings, then we’ll be traveling a bit together. upon my return i will be: taking a road trip south to grab dinner & drinks with a special photog/super 8 duo, attending site visits in socal, pulling together 4 weddings {design/planning & florals}, attending Engage!, heading to san diego for a very sentimental family memorial, then heading back east for about 3 weeks for site visits, family & friend time, and blogger/vendor meetups, Rhody & Pat in tow. oh, and that’s just all before mid july!

so with all that said, i hope you understand the sporadic posts over here during this time. and you know you can always find me on instagram if you want to see what i’m up to behind the scenes :)

  • chandra ~ Oh Lovely Day says on April 25, 2012 Reply

    you are one busy lady! don’t forget to let me know when you’ll be in LA so we can meet face to face, FINALLY! xx

  • Brit Tucker Stewart says on April 25, 2012 Reply

    I completely understand - it’s exactly why my business blog is quite quiet. No apologies necessary. Wish I could attend Engage this summer, but it’s on my list for this Winter - hope to see you at that one!

  • Good for you! We all dream of striking that perfect work-life balance. Enjoy your choices!

  • Katie Saeger says on April 25, 2012 Reply

    Oh how your post totally resonated with me tonight. My blog is feeling way neglected, but I’m feeling exactly like you… Posting when I should be focusing on the completely amazing clients I have for this coming year it then seems to fall to the bottom of the list. Here is to us finding a balance this year both in life and business! xoxo

  • Jessica says on April 25, 2012 Reply

    Super busy!!! But it’s all so exciring! Congrats lady!!! Xo

  • Kiele Gregoire says on April 26, 2012 Reply

    this post is exactly what i’ve been thinking. it’s not the main gig, it’s still fun, so you have to get back to the reason you’re doing the blog and where that fits into the bigger picture. and it does end up taking a smaller chunk than real life. which is best. i love when you write things like this where it makes me feel connected and understood. and gives me the power to keep going, that it’s OKAY to shift priorities. so glad you have all that busy going on! enjoy it all!

  • Caitlin says on April 26, 2012 Reply

    Wow coouuss! Have an awesome time in Europe, sounds like a great trip!

  • Anni says on April 26, 2012 Reply

    I love this - balance in life is so important, and I think you’ve got it down. Have fun in your travels, and I hope this summer does bring me to SF so we can meet up!

  • court says on April 26, 2012 Reply

    amazing!!!! so excited you’re going to europe!!!

  • Kristin @ BBC says on April 26, 2012 Reply

    Oh, preach, sister! Props to you for striving to find that work/life balance. And when you come back east, if you come to the dirty jerz, let me know so I can put it on my calendar! Determined to meet up with you this time!

  • valery says on April 26, 2012 Reply

    good for you! can’t wait to follow along on Instagram (especially the Europe trip!!!)

  • Miriam Corona says on April 26, 2012 Reply

    Have a great summer! If you happen to come down to LA - I hope you call me! I will take you to the flower mart! :)

  • Jessica says on April 26, 2012 Reply

    You’ll have to fill us in on some of the amazing events you work! :)

  • Steph | bubblerock says on April 27, 2012 Reply

    Nothing is more important to make sure you live a little through all this hard work… We will love the blog updates but it’s OK it doesn’t happen every day! And I cannot wait for all the goodness that is come. And let me know where you are going to in France in the end… maybe I can give you tips! xoxo

  • Kate/MagnoliaRouge says on April 27, 2012 Reply

    Wow that is a crazy busy schedule! Europe next week sounds super lovely… so jealous! I completely hear you about how hard it is to constantly juggle it all… I’m forever trying to work it out!!

  • Mrs. Pancakes says on April 28, 2012 Reply

    your new blog is to die for Jacin…so pretty! looks like you are busy but managing it beautifully!!

  • Liesl says on April 29, 2012 Reply

    I love watching your life behind the scenes unfold on instagram and know that you will be just fine at balancing everything as you have entered the busy season for your biz! :)

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