smart words {food for thought}

“undocumented hours” by rebecca parker pine in issue 4 of kinfolk magazine

this past weekend was such a blur - it absolutely flew by. from a flower order on friday here in the bay area to a wedding on sunday in connecticut, i literally have been running non-stop from one side of the country to the other - and i’m not complaining one bit. i’ve said this before but i’ve found that, personally, when you work for yourself, you spend a lot of time thinking. i do have my assistants who work with me on wedding weekends and for occasional projects, but for the most part as this is my boutique business, i work alone (of course my trusty colleague is always by my side but i do tend to forget that my dog can’t talk back to me after i’ve been talking to him all day long hehe). and for this girl who happens to be pretty independent, and even a bit of a hermit at times (my perfect friday night if i’m not working a wedding rehearsal = our favorite loaf of french bread, 2-3 yummy cheeses, and a bottle of red wine shared with my husband), thinking can be good and bad. sometimes i over-think things. i wonder if i’m sharing too much in the online world (i’m an instagram-aholic) or if i share the most recent tablescape mockup people will like it. i think about the continual evolution of LLD and my 1, 3, and 5-year plans for the biz. i take note of what’s going on around me, but for the most part prefer to continue on with blinders to keep doing my thing my way and making my clients happy 1 event at a time. i think about my work/life balance and how much things have changed since i started LLD, and i think about how i need to continually remember life before LLD, too, and remember to shut down every day to spend time with my husband, to make phone calls home, to write letters, to send care packages, all the while ensuring my client needs are being met to the very best of my ability, and logistical details continue to go off without a hitch. needless to say, there’s a lot going on in my mind, all the time :)

in this wedding world i live in, there is always a question in the back of my mind as to whether i need to be documenting every second of my day, almost to prove that i exist in this online world. i wonder if i’m posting too much, or too little. it’s so ridiculous to those who don’t live in this world, but for me, it’s become a part of my daily routine. and so when my redeye flight was postponed on friday night, i had time where i was able to sit undisturbed and finally pore through volume 4 (i haven’t even gotten to 5 yet) of kinfolk magazine. this is something i’ve been waiting to do, as it is my little escape from the madness and something i treasure. while reading through the mag, i came across an article by rebecca parker pine called “undocumented hours”. it’s actually almost hypocritical that i’m posting about it, because her message is all about the fact that we don’t have to document everything in life to prove we exist, and she urges us to stop taking pictures of/posting to facebook/tweeting every moment and instead, live it. i seriously read it 3 times in a row; it just spoke to me.

and so, i’m urging you to get your hands on volume 4 of kinfolk and read it. she just might be on to something, and i love where she’s headed if we all took notice of her inspiring thoughts.

in the meantime, i’ll be prepping away for my last 3 weddings of the year with a lovely little west elm dinner party in between, but i will continue to pop in from time to time to say hello :) have a great week everyone!

  • myka says on October 8, 2012 Reply

    i love this post! thank you for the reminder to slow down and enjoy life. xoxo!

  • Sara {Then Comes Life} says on October 8, 2012 Reply

    I hope you find the time to un-document after this wedding month is over. you are an amazing woman and I have watched your business grow into the massive success that it is today. Be proud of yourself and once your schedule allows for things to slow down, I hope you’re able to take it all in. xoxo

  • Lisa says on October 8, 2012 Reply

    Jacin, I love this post! It’s definitely hard to find the right balance. It’s amazing and inspiring that you are so passionate about your business and putting your whole heart into your clients and work, and I happen to love your instagrams haha :) But in my opinion, if all we do is give, give, give, without taking time to soak in love and inspiration for ourselves, it’s way too easy to get burnt out. I hope that you have plenty of time to rejuvenate and enjoy french bread, cheese, and wine (uh, YUM!) after this busy month! xoxo

  • Cece says on October 9, 2012 Reply

    Great post. It’s very true. Sometimes you get that feeling that something didn’t happen unless it got posted on facebook when in fact posting on FB doesn’t make it so. DOING it does!! You have come so far in your business and that is awesome! I remember when you were planning your wedding and then the next thing I knew you had a business and were planning details for other brides.

  • Jessica says on October 9, 2012 Reply

    Excellent reminder! It’s hard to try and LIVE without proving we’re LIVING! We don’t need to document it all… we need to just do things. Live life!

  • Kristin Polhemus says on October 9, 2012 Reply

    Oh, Jacin. I stumbled upon this post because I was meant to find it. This spoke to me on so many levels, and I needed to read this today. And that bit by Rebecca Parker Pine? So raw and full of life. I wasn’t a reader of Kinfolk, but now I’m curious! I just read and re-read that excerpt multiple times. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for staying true to you… online, and off. :)

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