Bloggers {Unveiled}: Emma Arendoski from Emmaline Bride

Today’s lovely guest in the Bloggers {Unveiled} series is the sweetest little lady you’ll ever meet, Emma Arendoski of the fabulous handmade wedding blog, Emmaline Bride! Emma always provides the most unique ideas for her readers and her blog is a true daily must-read!

About the Blog:

Emmaline Bride was established in 2008 as a place to promote the best handmade wedding items across the globe. Our mission is to empower our readers to support independent artisans through the use of handmade items througout the wedding planning process.

Blogger {Unveiled}:

How did you get started in the wedding world?
I always loved weddings since I was a little girl, but my passion for the wedding industry grew while planning my own wedding.  I knew it was true love when I continued to buy and peruse wedding magazines and blogs long after the wedding was over.  I still manage to get lost in the beautiful imagery, DIY inspiration, décor, and most of all – the handmade elements.  There are so many talented artisans in the world that craft incredible wedding day accessories but many of them go unnoticed.  I launched Emmaline Bride as a place to promote the talents of artisans and encourage couples to incorporate handmade, personal details into their wedding day. The goal is to spread support for a handmade wedding day – and beyond.

What is your makeup staple?
My makeup staple is mascara.  There are few days during the year I’ll go without it and the more volume the better! And, is it just me or are makeup manufacturers always finding new ways to reinvent the stuff?

What’s one thing that others don’t know about you?
One thing others don’t know about me is that I am very tall – 5’11” – yet I have an obsession with high heels and I wear them every chance I get!

What’s one piece of advice you would give to others trying to get started with their own business?
If you’re looking to start your own business, start with something you love.  Take something you are passionate about and find a way to turn it into a business.  When you are truly passionate about what you do, you will continuously find new ways to improve upon it.  Work will no longer feel like just a job – it will become your hobby, too.

What is your favorite part about weddings?
My favorite part about weddings is how each captures a unique love story.  What could be better than a day centered on love between two people?  When I’m looking through real wedding images, my favorite is the groom’s face as the bride is making her way down the aisle.  It gives me goose bumps just thinking about it.  Plus, you could go to a hundred weddings in a year and no two are ever the same.  When the couple spends time on personalized décor to tell their story, I love it even more.  It makes the event memorable and gives you a glimpse into how they fell in love.

What is your hobby outside of blogging {is there life outside blogging}?
Outside of blogging, I love spending time with my husband, writing, traveling, and crafting.  On the weekends I like to check out thrift stores for vintage/shabby chic décor to incorporate into new DIY projects. You can also find me at Pilates or yoga, two activities I enjoy.  I love music and every summer I like to go to outdoor concerts.  I am always excited to add new music to my playlist.

To learn more about Emma, go here.  To see the entire lineup of lovely contributors to the Bloggers {Unveiled} series, click here and make sure to pop back in every Friday to get to know the people behind your favorite blogs!!

Happy Friday everyone!

  • erin * sparkle & hay says on April 22, 2011 Reply

    Hands down one of my FAVORITE sites - so full of creative ideas that you won’t find anywhere else. & she is so sweet!!!

    happy friday!

  • Alicia@CharityWedding says on April 22, 2011 Reply

    Emma is fabulous and her blog is a big fav of mine! Love this series, Jacin!

  • WhoWhatLogos says on April 22, 2011 Reply

    We’re fans…great feature!

  • Brit @ Landlocked Bride says on April 22, 2011 Reply

    Love Emma!

  • Abby says on April 23, 2011 Reply

    Such a sweety! Love her site!

  • Andrea {The Chica Boutique} says on April 23, 2011 Reply

    The Chica Boutique loves Emma and Emmaline Bride. A beautiful site and a lovely lady… :)

  • Lauren Elise says on April 26, 2011 Reply

    What a great blog feature Jacin! Super fun reading about some of my favorite bloggers, but especially Emma. I can definitely attest that she is the sweetest person. I haven’t even met her yet but I consider her such a good friend because she is just so genuine. And her site, well of course I think that’s fabulous too :)

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