LLD hits the east coast {plans for our trip}

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We’re here! We’re here! After a grueling 6-hour flight (only grueling because I was so worried about Rhody who was traveling in the Cargo section) cross country we have finally arrived back east for our summer trip. If you can’t tell by the end of this post with the amount of exclamation points, I am beyond excited to be back home. This is Rhody’s first trip back east (he finally gets to visit the state from which his name was derived, Rhode Island!) and we are so thrilled to introduce him to our family & friends. I have lots of things on my agenda, from lots of LLD-related wedding plans for a few upcoming east coast events to family & friend QT, so let’s take a look at what I’m most looking forward to, shall we?

::1:: a cape cod site visit and boston flower market trip are in order for a very radiant wedding I’m working on with one of the sweetest couples around. I can’t wait to finally check out the space with the bride herself, as everything has been via email/phone calls/day trips to Napa at this point :)

::2:: a visit to my parents beach house in Rhode Island is something I look forward to every time I come home. It’s their home away from home, and I love going back up to where I spent so many years through college and my first jobs out of school. I heart Rhode Island!

::3:: need I say more? I long for salt air in my hair. That’s it :)

::4:: taylor ham, egg, and cheese on a jersey everything bagel. agenda item #1 for the second we cross the NJ border.

::5:: tag sales. not yard sale - tag sale. that’s how we say it in new england, far before the vintage rentals hit the scene. I can’t wait to score a bunch of antique things we don’t need simply because it was only 25 cents :)

::6:: my favorite smell on the entire planet is that of the sweet scent of a beach plum (beach rose). they remind me of summers by the sea.

::7:: no trip to NJ will be complete without visiting Pat’s family down by the shore (LBI)!

::8:: it might be the bottom of the pot coffee every time, but it’s something I’ve grown to miss while living in California. dunkin donuts. America runs on Dunkin, except California. what’s up with that? french vanilla iced coffee light and sweet, you will soon be mine.

::9:: a New England staple - Dels. If you don’t know what it is, find it next time you hit up Rhode Island. you can thank me later :)

::10:: I have been longing for a donut from downy flake. Nantucket = quintessential New England & happiness for me. cannot wait for a very special site visit on my favorite island.

::11:: my family goes clamming. translation: raking holes in low tide at the beach to find clams. yes, we do this. and it’s fun :)

::12:: family & fun QT! when you live across the country from everyone, you have to soak it all in as much as you can when you’re home.

Have a great week!

  • Koru Kate ⎨Koru Wedding⎬ says on June 28, 2012 Reply

    Welcome back! I’m so glad Rhody made it safely. Enjoy!!!!

  • Kathleen says on June 28, 2012 Reply

    You are making me a) homesick and b) very excited for my own trip back East in August! From a fellow New Englander-turned-Californian {Santa Cruz, in my case} this sweet little post really resonates with me. Enjoy your trip!

  • Jessica says on June 28, 2012 Reply

    I’m so jealous! Have fun in New England! It’s been forever since I’ve visited Nantucket. :)

  • Jaime says on June 28, 2012 Reply

    Oh yes Del’s is the best…I have many childhood memories of getting Del’s after long, summer days swimming in my grandparents’ pool in RI. Enjoy your time out here!

  • CC says on June 28, 2012 Reply

    It’s really sad because I see Dunkin Donuts commercials every now and then and I have no idea why because we don’t have ‘em. Such a tease! Sounds like it’s going to be an awesome trip. Enjoy!!

  • Kathleen says on June 28, 2012 Reply

    O….M….G….taylor ham, egg and cheese????? No kidding it’s probably my absolute favorite food of all time! I kid you not, born in NJ, grew up in Philly, married a man from the Jersey Shore and…moved to the midwest. I know. But we’re going to Lavalette, NJ on Saturday for our yearly trek home and we’re psyched! So much so that my daughter said she’d be happy to have pork roll for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Clearly a girl after my own heart:) I also spent summers as a little girl on LBI. It’s a small world, no? ENJOY your vacation!

  • Anni says on July 3, 2012 Reply

    When you get back I definitely want to pick your brain on how Rhody flew/any tips you have! Sunday takes it really hard when we travel (our honeymoon especially) and I’m wondering if once in awhile it wouldn’t be better to bring her with for the long trips!

  • Ka`ili says on July 4, 2012 Reply

    sounds so much fun!! have a great time :)

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