Quick & Easy 5 Ingredient Rub Recipe for a Yummy Roast

How the heck do you title a post that is technically for a “meat rub”? I couldn’t think of a way that wouldn’t attract every spammer on the planet, so I did my best haha :)

Anyways… this is the simplest recipe ever and it takes about 5 minutes. I made this for my first “dinner party” with Pat’s parents and my parents about 5 years ago, and it’s been a favorite ever since. I love that it makes you look like you’re a real chef, when really, it’s so simple (but no one needs to know that, right?)

Garlic & Rosemary Rub Recipe

Ingredients (increase/decrease depending on size of meat):
Garlic cloves
Rosemary sprig
Salt (I use Mortons coarse salt because I like the crunchy bites of salt)
Olive Oil (enough to liquefy all other ingredients)
Ground pepper

Chop all ingredients and mix together.

Generously apply to all ends of the meat (in this case I used pork, but prime rib is delish too). Cook as directed depending on meat.

Serve and enjoy! This is really tasty with a side of homemade applesauce :)

  • Jessica says on December 15, 2011 Reply

    So simple! I will have to try it. :D

  • bethany says on December 15, 2011 Reply

    Haha! I may have laughed aloud in a public place over that first line. I can only image all the ways that title could have gone wrong, but I think you were delicate enough to avoid spammers. :)

    And this looks easy enough that even I might be able to tackle it. I rarely cook and I’m a vegetarian, but Gabe loves a homecooked meal…specifically a meaty one! So, this girls got some learning to do. Pinning this! :)

  • Katherine says on December 15, 2011 Reply

    This looks delicious and your instructions are so thorough and photographed prettily :) Thank you for sharing!

  • Lena says on December 15, 2011 Reply

    I’m with Bethany-I definitely giggled inappropriately. But this looks delicious!

  • Diana says on December 15, 2011 Reply

    Yum!!! :) I always like simple recipes!! Im getting more into cooking and baking, this could be something to try :)

  • Cris of Kiss My Tulle says on December 15, 2011 Reply

    Holy freaking poo, Jacin. HOW did you know that I just bought a pork roast to make for my sister’s family next week.

    Mind. Reader. DUDE.

  • jessica {creative index} says on December 18, 2011 Reply

    yummy yummy! i love rosemary! will definitely have to give this a try soon! :)

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