lovely little DIY: 3 layer mason jar “dirt” cakes {recipe fun for kids}

{all images shot in film by jessica burke}

I remember enjoying these tasty, chocolaty treats as a kid when my best friend’s mom would bring over a big terracotta pot filled with pudding, cake and cookie crumbles to picnics. I mean really what is better than chocolate crunchies and pudding? Love. So I wanted to try them out in a mason jar, something you could totally make with the kids, and transfer easily to your family picnics. Here’s what you need to make them at home!


  • your favorite chocolate cake mix or recipe
  • 8oz mason jars with lids
  • 1/2 package of oreos or chocolate sandwich cookies, crushed in food processor
  • gummy worms
  • chocolate pudding mix



  • Pour cake mix in to jars and fill about 1/4. Cook as directed by cake mix using the water bath method we used previously.
  • Prep pudding, chocolate crunchies and gummy worms in little bowls so the kids can have fun filling the “dirt” cups.
  • Once the cake portion is complete, add the gummy worms, followed by the pudding, then more gummy worms, then a layer of chocolate crunchies to look like “dirt”
  • Finish off with a pretty ribbon to match your party
  • If traveling, screw on the mason jar lids and pack in a cooler to bring with you - serve and enjoy!

A fun idea to serve these is by using wooden spoons and painting the handles silver, so they resemble little shovels.

Have fun :)

  • Chrissi Holt says on June 26, 2012 Reply

    Ta he he I made these last Halloween and the ADULTS loved them ! They were yummy and gruesome to look at with all the worms ewwwww

  • Ashley | Sugar & Cloth says on July 5, 2012 Reply

    Such a cute idea!

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