February 2010

working together

by jacin on February 25, 2010

my save the dates finally arrived!  and by finally i mean they actually came really quickly - but i was just so excited to see them in person that it seemed like a long time :) my cousin courtney created them just for us - the images are all special and mean something to us, [...]

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ah, the magic of the internet

by jacin on February 24, 2010

i’m learning that you can run but you can’t hide!  i was recently informed that several colleagues have been following my blog, which is nice :) welcome everyone - hope you enjoy!  :)


louboutin of the day

by jacin on February 18, 2010

something blue?

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a great weekend!

by jacin on February 16, 2010

it was sunny and in the 70s this presidents day weekend - thank you presidents for giving me monday off! we had our friends visiting from NJ so of course had to show them around town.  here’s a recap of our adventures: dutch bells (cows) en route to our wine country tour in napa and [...]


custom stamps

by jacin on February 12, 2010

are a fun way to tie all of your creative elements together for invites and save-the-dates.  my cousin courtney is creating my save-the-dates and i don’t want to give them away yet, but they are AMAZING.  she went through pictures of me and pat, and things that are special to us and incorporated them all [...]

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lovely louboutins

by jacin on February 11, 2010

the obsession continues.  below is my latest love:   seriously how gorgeous are they??  is it normal to have such an obsession with shoes?  i’m trying to find the perfect pair to flash those red heels on my wedding day.  these ones are the closest i’ve found yet - if only they weren’t so TALL!   [...]


tonight’s training session will not be fun

by jacin on February 10, 2010

my colleague came in from new jersey today and really wanted In-and-Out Burger.  i was trying to be a good hostess so how could i refuse this request?  so as any good samaritan would do, i drove him down the street to this wonderous burger joint.  wow. so i asked the kind woman at the [...]


daaaamn gina

by jacin on February 8, 2010

went to LA this weekend for my dear friend’s shower.  it was fun, i flew in on saturday morning, rented a car and drove to her apartment in brentwood (famous for the OJ simpson murder scene, sad but true).  on the way, i needed an extra caffeine boost so i stopped by starbucks, feeling like [...]

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leo knows the right team

by jacin on February 5, 2010

check out the hat leonardo dicaprio has been sporting lately! he sure knows which team to represent!  ok fine… the real story is that lamar odom graduated from university of rhode island, my alma mater, and he now plays for the lakers.  leo is a big lakers fan so he was wearing this hat recently [...]


the time has come

by jacin on February 1, 2010

i’ve been joking about “operation wedding dress” but haven’t really gotten too serious about it yet.  but now i finally took a few key steps to get myself jump started.  1. signed up for the NY marathon 2010  what am i NUTS?  don’t i remember the pain my body was in from the 2008 marathon?  [...]


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