November 2009

a weekend back east

by jacin on November 30, 2009

this past weekend i was able to go back east and see my family and friends.  i also had the first holiday split away from my family, to spend thanksgiving with pat’s family. at first it was a little hard to think about not being with my family on thanksgiving, but once the day started [...]


i am addicted…

by jacin on November 20, 2009

to evites. i’m sorry, but it’s true.  how can you resist them?  they have so many cute designs and if i could, i’d send one out for every possible occasion i could think the meantime i will just drive pat crazy asking him when we can have our next cocktail party.  i’m on the [...]

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new colors

by jacin on November 17, 2009

i can’t believe how much my mindset has changed since we first got engaged.  i thought i had this whole thing in the bag - knew what colors i wanted, where i wanted to have it, etc.  now that we’re about 10 months out i’m starting to feel a little pressure of bridesmaid dresses, flowers, [...]


my good deed

by jacin on November 16, 2009

today i was on my way to work and driving down one of san francisco’s busy one-way city streets.  it’s the street you take if you’re in a hurry and the lights are all synchronized so you can get where you’re going - quickly! as i was heading down the street, with the wireless handset [...]


some things are more important

by jacin on November 11, 2009

sorry it’s been a while since my last post - a lot has been going on back east with the family and i’ve realized some things are more important than what color scheme i’m going to follow and will the band play bruce springsteen and bon jovi :). i hope to get more updates going [...]

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by jacin on November 2, 2009

halloween is a big deal in our house - it’s also pat’s birthday, so always a fun night! this year i was short on ideas - i wanted to be bruce springsteen but pat convinced me all i’d look like was a girl with a short wig and red bandana, so i opted for my [...]


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