{all images shared with instagram, my username is “lovelydetails” if you want to follow along} another weekend went flying by, can you believe we’re in march already? me neither! but i’ll take it. as you read this, i’m in new jersey for a few meetings so while i take care of business i’ll update you [...]


it’s been far too long since i have done one of my iphone photo dumps, i only know this because when i went in to make today’s, i had way too many pictures to include! if you follow me on instagram you may have seen some of these updates along the way, but if not, [...]


{no big deal, just a picture of my “backyard” in coogee} {this song always reminds me of mornings in australia getting ready for work} not sure if i’ve mentioned this before, but i moved to australia after college and lived there for just under a year. i had always dreamed of going to australia, but [...]


weekend update {iphone photo dump}

by jacin on January 16, 2012

where did the long weekend go? seems as though time flies by faster and faster these days, doesn’t it? guess that just means you need to cherish each moment just that much more before it passes you by. so, this past week i (from top left to right): ~brought peonies in a mason to one [...]


reflecting and sending a big thank you

by jacin on January 13, 2012

{designed by LLD} out of all the flowers, dresses, weddings, advice and recipes i’ve posted, monday’s post about bullying was one that really resonated with all of you, and i wanted to say thank you. thank you for the comments, for the emails, and for the messages on facebook. thank you to the kids from [...]


Dear readers: today’s post is personal. No pretty flowers or crafty DIY ideas. And I promise never again to subject you to the egg crate garland, hehe. But as this blog is my home away from home, I feel the need to finally put this post together that has taken a lifetime to write. Thank [...]


{gearing up for a surf session…in the woods?} no way, i will not be surfing this weekend, but i will be heading down to half moon bay to check out the mavericks, because mother nature is ready! for those who don’t know, here’s what mavericks is all about: Since the early 1990s, when the local [...]


how i spent my blogcation {iphone photo dump}

by jacin on January 3, 2012

you know what, guys? i’ve had this lovely little blog for almost 3 years now, and when i started out, i didn’t capitalize my letters. that’s how i roll, i don’t like capital letters - they seem too formal to me. so being as this is the new year for fresh starts, i’m going back [...]


{We took this picture during Pat’s flying lesson over the bay for his birthday!} Well this is it for me this year, friends! I am taking a blogcation for the holidays to spend time with my family, who are coming out to California for Christmas (yahoo!), and I also have 1 more LLD event before [...]


A New LLD is on it’s Way…

by jacin on December 16, 2011

I am busy prepping for a lovely wedding today down in Half Moon Bay, where I am not only doing the decor but I’m also pulling together the florals, something I absolutely LOVE to do. While I’m gone, though, I wanted to get you up to speed on some updates going on over here in [...]