November 2011

Today’s DIY video is a fun one: embossing! I used this simple trick for our own wedding menus, along with some special menus I crafted for Steph & Mel’s weddings too. It’s super easy to do, and definitely a fun project for those who like to DIY. You can bet I’ll be embossing some holiday [...]


Today’s holiday tradition comes to us from the lovely, sweet and kind Brit of Brit Stewart Weddings and Landlocked Bride. Today is a super special day for Brit, because her wedding has been featured in the Spring / Summer 2012 issue of The Knot: Missouri / Kansas! So leave her some love today, will you? Take [...]


Pat and I have always been dog lovers, and both grew up with them in our families. We have wanted a dog for so so long but the stars haven’t quite aligned for us - we had 7 weddings this year (our friends, not LLD weddings) and had to travel back east for every single [...]


{via} I love how something as simple as clear masons clustered together can make such an impact.


{via} One of the best parts about Thanksgiving feast is the leftovers, am I right? In our house, I always put the leftover turkey to good use, once all the sandwiches have been made, and make turkey pot pie! It is so delicious, and perfect for a night cozied up by the fire during the [...]


Blogger Holiday Traditions: Thanksgiving Edition

by jacin on November 24, 2011

Today’s Blogger Holiday Traditions come to us from Cris of Kiss My Tulle, Casie of Casie Photographics, and Mindy from Budget Fairy Tale. First up, Casie! Holidays with The Shimansky’s are, like most things, a “Go Big or Go Home” Situation.  It begins somewhere around Thanksgiving, although we inch towards it eagerly like kids waiting for the “okay” [...]


{all images are from my personal camera or iPhone} Little do my friends know that when we plan a dinner party, they are my design guinea pigs :). I love to break out the classic wedding china, fancy wine glasses (what, you don’t have an A and B set of wine glasses depending on what [...]


{personal photo} If your handwriting is anything like mine, there’s no chance you’d even consider hand-writing your place cards {or any other paper aspect for your event}. But with this fun and easy tip {spotted last year in the Weddingbee forums}, you can easily fool your guests in to thinking you have a knack for [...]


Lovely Little Recipe: Pretzelies Are Back!

by jacin on November 21, 2011

You know what’s funny - out of all the posts I’ve put together this one remains one of the most popular, which to me is hilarious because it has nothing to do with the rest of the content I put up everyday. Regardless, I have put this up the past two years and think it’s [...]


{(c) Bob Clay This one might appeal more to my fellow canners than brides, but it’s still pretty interesting to compare to your old jars you might have lying around, to see how old they really are! Read Bob Clay’s full readup here to learn more! Happy Sunday :)