July 2010

shoes - the final post

by jacin on July 30, 2010

do you see this?  see this bag?  know what this means??? it means… my shoe guy at saks hooked a sister up… once i finally made up my mind, that is.  and the final wedding shoe winner is…. the christian louboutin parisienne plato suede in nude.  the most amazing shoes i will ever own and [...]


searching for the perfect fragrance

by jacin on July 29, 2010

the sense of smell is so amazing.  i love how catching a scent in the air reminds me of a memory, a special place, or a loved one.  i recently bought a new facewash and it’s amazing how the smell of facewash can make me happy - the fragrance reminds me of the sweet smell [...]


just sayin’..

by jacin on July 23, 2010

my wedding band arrived a few weeks ago…   i may or may not take it from it’s safe hiding spot a few times a week, open the ring box and try it on.  again.  and again.  and again. i can’t wait to get married!!!!!! i heart this song.  cause down the shore, everything’s alright.

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ranunculus. yes! ranunculus!!!!

by jacin on July 23, 2010

i have now raved about my florist in about 4 different posts.  but now the crowning glory has happened.  i have been absolutely obsessed with ranunculus since before i was even engaged.  they’re kind of like mini peonies, and they are absolutely gorgeous. source but, as we all know, i’m getting married in september when [...]


real wedding recap…part 2

by jacin on July 19, 2010

remember i mentioned that one of my best friends erin got married last weekend?  well her photographers (M2 Photography - Michael & Marcie Maler) happen to be friends of ours and they gave me permission to post some of their photos… and i have a surprise for you at the end of the post too [...]


i now present to you: invite and envelope!

by jacin on July 16, 2010

finally!  after all the fishing through huge invite books, choosing font choices, choosing wording choices, sending emails to the rents (and my cousin, my brother, my maid-of-honor, another cousin, pat, everyone i know)…the invites are COMPLETE!  and all of this madness is kind of hilarious, because i am actually one of those guilty people who [...]


reality check! time is ticking!

by jacin on July 11, 2010

i was inspired by erica (love at the lodge) to add a “wedding countdown” widget to my blog.  hers is really pretty and i was able to find the site where she made it (i was going to ask her but google did the work for me!).  they have tons of pretty templates to choose [...]

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greatest website ever

by jacin on July 9, 2010

i think i’ve had about 40 posts with this title but this site really is amazing, especially for DIY projects. http://www.searchfreefonts.com/ so to give you an example - when i started working on my invites (more to come on that, i’m finishing them up today!), i wanted to use my own font for all the [...]


honeymoon gear online coupon codes!

by jacin on July 8, 2010

i am LOVING this weather!  why?  because i’m a summer person who happens to be visiting back east for the week, and this is the way summer is supposed to be!  now if someone could give san francisco the memo before i head back on sunday, that’d be great, thanks :) so… with this ridiculous [...]


…and i am SO excited!!!  ahh!  guess what! I AM ONE OF THE TOP 6 NOMINEES FOR THE BRIDAL BLOG AWARDS!!  i’m sorry, i’m not yelling, but i am REALLY excited!!!  it’s in the “best real bride blog” category! i feel so honored to have been included and the other blogs are quite some stiff [...]


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