real bride

OK before we even get going here, can I tell you that it took me about 20 minutes to find just the right picture to put up here at the top? That’s how amazing today’s bridal portrait shoot is, from the superhero talents behind Robinson Studio & Design, based in Mobile, Alabama. A bride in [...]


While I am out enjoying the company of my parents, likely driving up to Tamalpais Bay for some fresh oysters today, and limiting my online time this week, I’ve invited a few guests to pop on by the blog to say hello. Today, we’re lucky to have the loveliest and sweetest friwi {french-kiwi} you’ll ever [...]


from jacin: I love love love when readers reach out to me to say hi, it truly makes my day!  The lovely Cailen Ascher, a bride-to-be and blogger, reached out to me recently to see if she could pay a visit to my blog in the form of a guest post from the perspective of [...]


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