{image via the yummy life} if you follow me on facebook or twitter you might have seen me mention this already but if not, i had to chime in and give you a heads up on this crazy deal from living social. i’ll get right to it, with this deal (ending in 2 days!) you [...]


a few weeks back, i talked about the fact that it’s OK to splurge on yourself for your wedding day by hiring that makeup artist you’ve been dying to use, because you want to look your best on your big day. i also gave a small mention to something else: letting go. letting go of [...]


today’s post is short and sweet. {image by LLD, macaron via macaroon via} i have seen one too many wedding features with gorgeous signage for the sweets bar, only to see macarons listed as macaroons. i never knew the difference myself, until i did a little digging to discover they were two different sweet treats! [...]


disclaimer: jennie fresa (pictured above) was one of the best investments i made personally for our wedding day. she is probably the most talented makeup artist in the new england area, and i literally checked with her before booking our wedding date. that’s how awesome she is, and how important it was to me to [...]


{personal image, taken during sunrise on day 1 of our honeymoon at the four seasons in maui} We have so many pictures from our honeymoon and trips through the years that have continued to sit right here on my computer - I’m so bad about getting things printed out and up on the wall! Our friends [...]


Stepping Back {Friday Favorites and a Recap}

by jacin on November 18, 2011

{personal image of a page I found in a favorite book taken with instagram. this just makes me happy} Whoa whoa whoa… what a week it’s been! Lots of controversy in the wedding world, I tell ya. But lots of loveliness too. I’m going to move forward and stick to the loveliness, though it did [...]


Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend. We arrived back in San Francisco late last night after a wonderful, family and friend-filled 9 days back east. It’s always so bittersweet taking that (almost 7 hour) flight back to San Francisco, because we really miss all of our friends and family out here. [...]


{personal photo} Today’s advice is simple. Sign up for coupon websites - sign up for them all. While our favorite date night consists of a night in, a loaf of french bread, some cheese and a bottle of wine, it is nice to change things up every once in a while, without breaking the bank. [...]


Scobey Photography This was originally posted on May 10, but due to recent posts I’ve seen elsewhere, I feel the need to re-post this today in hopes that I can remind us all of this simple fact. Confession: I have about 10 versions of this post saved in drafts. Let’s see if today I can [...]


{Burberry} Yep, see that tie up there? That’s the tie Pat wanted to wear on our wedding day. I don’t think I ever realized he really wanted to, because he never made a big deal out of it, but I also think my wedding-obsessed mind didn’t quite hear it. And to this day, I feel [...]


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