March 2010

candied walnuts

by jacin on March 21, 2010

i’ve been working out with garage jonny (my trainer) and it’s been paying off; i am feeling stronger but still not seeing huge results.  i have to send him my food diary every week and last week was just plain BAD.  i gave him all the excuses of why i was home, why i felt [...]


remember this song?

by jacin on March 19, 2010

i’m trying to think of good songs for all of the wedding party to walk out to at the wedding…. but there are 16 of us in the party, plus 2 sets of parents, so it might be a bit much to choose that many different songs.   as i was searching through though, i came [...]


cheers to the matriarch

by jacin on March 6, 2010

this one’s for you, mimi


inspiration everywhere

by jacin on March 5, 2010

i love flowers.  when pat and i go for walks, it takes an extra 30 minutes to get from one block to the other, because i am taking pictures of them, smelling them, and dawdling along instead of power walking.  that’s just me. check out these pretty flowers i saw outside at a market stand [...]


gorgeous accessories for less!

by jacin on March 4, 2010

before i get in to this, let me preface by saying that i am not a cheap person.  my jeans collection can speak for that, and show some bad financial decisions i’ve made in my life.  but…. i am a target girl.  i could spend my life savings at CVS.  and forever 21 has to [...]



by jacin on March 3, 2010

my training sessions with jonny garage have finally started to pay off.  stepped on the scale this morning after trying to eat right, and working out hard with the trainer.  5 down, 7 to go :)


dress colors

by jacin on March 1, 2010

i am so ridiculously indecisive.  below are the colors…. as of now.  rest assured they’ll probably change again though :) i went with the girls (minus courts and bre) this weekend to go try on bridesmaid dresses, it was a lot of fun.  we decided with a designer who allows for several different looks, but [...]


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