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by jacin on March 4, 2010

before i get in to this, let me preface by saying that i am not a cheap person.  my jeans collection can speak for that, and show some bad financial decisions i’ve made in my life.  but….
i am a target girl.  i could spend my life savings at CVS.  and forever 21 has to be the first store i go to if i hit up the mall, because there is just TOO much to see in there, it gets intimidating!!  but, it’s always hit or miss…
today was a hit!  tons of great, trendy and did i say inexpensive clothes!!  i scored with a cute pair of skinny jeans - $9!, an awesome “vintage” top, and a few other things here and there.  but then out of the the corner of my eye i noticed the accessories, which are always amazing.  today though, they inspired me and made me think of all the wedding blogs i’ve seen…  check out the gorgeous pieces below - all for under $10!!!!!!
drawer of bows, flowers and sparkly clips for your hair or clothes
it’s like the treasure chest at the end of goonies - except instead of gold coins there are pearls, gold necklaces, cute bangles and trendy earrings…
pearl bracelets and bangles galore
pretty “charm” necklaces…
did i mention headbands of every style and color?
feather and flower headbands - exactly like some i’ve seen online for $50 and up!
and to top it all off, the feather accessories.  i wish i could pull the peacock accessory in somewhere in my wedding, but it just doesn’t fit in.  sorry peacock :(

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D. Marie March 4, 2010 at 10:49 PM

wow these are all at Forever 21?! I'm always looking for accessories…even with our wedding a month away! Calling all brides!


Courtney Page March 5, 2010 at 6:59 AM

treasure chest at the end of goonies, well worded! :-)


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