Guys…. consider me obsessed with this: I love music, it is a huge part of who I am. Don’t think you’ll catch me putting my iPod on shuffle at a party though, it would be way too embarrassing (I don’t know if Frank Sinatra/Wu Tang/John Legend/Musiq/O.A.R/Tribe Called Quest/Dave Matthews/patriotic marches is the right combo for a [...]


tunes for the crew

by jacin on October 4, 2010

and now, i am again sitting on a beach, probably regretting the thousands of calories i’ve consumed over the past few days but OK with it too.  here’s another pre-planned post to give you some behind the scenes info from the big day :) so i had in my head all along that i wanted [...]

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dancing around the apartment

by jacin on September 7, 2010

is what i’m doing!  i finally figured out the song that my MOH and the 2 best men are going to walk out to at the reception.  yes, i am that musically detail-oriented.  but it’s FUN!!!!!!!!  (and i’m getting so freaking excited it’s out of control) we chose a quick blip of a song for [...]


pretty tune

by jacin on September 6, 2010

i kept coming across bits and pieces of this song on the radio and finally downloaded it today.  it’s adorable, i can picture it for a cake cutting song or even for a photo montage slideshow…. and even though we won’t be using it because all our key songs have already been chosen, that doesn’t [...]


our song

by jacin on September 2, 2010

**DISCLAIMER: if you’re coming to the wedding and don’t want to hear our song until then, don’t scroll down :** pat and i have known what our song would be for a long time, but before we got to that point, we did consider a few “runners-up”. before i was engaged, i was always convinced [...]


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