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by jacin on October 4, 2010

and now, i am again sitting on a beach, probably regretting the thousands of calories i’ve consumed over the past few days but OK with it too.  here’s another pre-planned post to give you some behind the scenes info from the big day :)

so i had in my head all along that i wanted to have special songs for the bridal party to walk out to at the reception.  we wanted to find something that was meaningful to them and sentimental too.

here’s the lineup :)

pat’s parents - mr. and mrs. fitzgerald - born and raised in queens, ny, it was only fitting that mr. sinatra bring them out :) 

my parents - mr. and mrs. page - obsessed with university of rhode island football and basketball, it was only fitting that they walked out to our (pat’s and my) college fight song

my cousin courtney and pat’s friend bobby - i’m in the BAY (san francisco), trick - courtney is obsessed with the beginning of this song so it seemed perfect. ignore the stupid commercial!

my brother todd and cousin caitlin both live up in boston so it only seemed fitting that they’d walk out to this great tune from dropkick murphys, shipping up to boston (but let there be no mistake that there is nothing PRO-red sox about this, because i’m yankees all the way :))

my friend betsy and pat’s friend steve - right round by flo-rida.  steve’s obsessed with the song and it seemed perfect to get people excited :)

my cousin breanne and pat’s friend phil (our matchmaker) - they live in THE CITY (sorry san francisco, but NYC is THE city :)) - so this song only seemed fitting.  we’re doing the chorus where alicia keys comes in.

my friend erin and pat’s brother brian and friend jon - rock with you, michael jackson.  erin’s been obsessed with MJ since she was old enough to even know who he was, and it seemed perfect for them to walk out to

my maid of honor christine and pat’s best men sean (brother) and sean (friend) - dynamite, taio cruz.  it’s a great song to get things going and christine loves it!  later i found out sean did too, so it was perfect :) (and you know we’re gonna play it later in the night too, right?)

and last but not least, the new mr. and mrs. patrick fitzgerald - born to run, bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuce springsteen!!!! (no explanation needed)

and there you have it!  some people may think it’s overboard but to us, it was perfect :)

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jacin October 4, 2010 at 9:42 AM

Oh and PS - love boston and SF, didn't meant to make it sound otherwise :)


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