January 2010

that old familiar knot

by jacin on January 31, 2010

is in my stomach.  it must be sunday night.  wouldn’t it be amazing if you could do what you love everyday and not feel like this before monday showed its ugly face? i’m getting so tired of corporate america BS, more and more every week…   until i win the lottery though, i’ll suck it up [...]


purple teeth

by jacin on January 30, 2010

i hate getting purple teeth from red wine!  there’s no solution, except to just drink white.  but today pat and i are going to the famous ZAP (zinfandel advocates & producers) 19th annual zinfandel festival, where over 200 winerys will pour their favorite zinfandel for tastings.  to clarify, zinfandel is a variety of red grape [...]


Want to be on TLC?

by jacin on January 29, 2010

TLC is holding open casting for an upcoming show called “Four Weddings” - check out more information below!  too bad my wedding is in september :)


we’ve got the tunes!

by jacin on January 29, 2010

dj or band.  band or dj?  live music during cocktail hour?  blast an iPod mix?  what to do?? because we are planning our entire wedding from the other side of the country, we don’t have the luxury of being able to go and watch bands perform, meet with them, and decide if we like them [...]


how cool is my mom?

by jacin on January 27, 2010

pretty much the coolest and greatest woman on the planet.  she is a middle school music teacher in new haven, ct, and her job has been no easy feat!  from challenging parents to students who need the extra push, she puts in 110% everyday to give her kids the best education they can get and [...]


bridesmaid dress fashion show - page style

by jacin on January 25, 2010

my cousin claudia and i had a great time on saturday looking for bridesmaid dresses.  nothing about my wedding has been traditional so far, and since all of my bridesmaids are on the east coast, i went with claudia in san francisco to try on some dresses out here to start and narrow down which [...]


looking for blue mason jars!

by jacin on January 24, 2010

keep your eyes out at those local tag sales!  i am starting a quest for blue mason jars - and i need to find about 30 of them! Photo From: Hugh Forte via Once Wed so if you’re out and about and happen to come across any, please let me know! thanks!   


the dress!

by jacin on January 22, 2010

i am so excited!!!!  i found the one!  funny how that term seems to follow you around while planning a wedding.   i went to new jersey this week for a meeting at work, and one night after work i called my friend sam to see if she wanted to head over to ally’s bridal with [...]


my inspiration board

by jacin on January 14, 2010

i love making collages so this was a lot of fun to do.  what do you think?

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check out

by jacin on January 14, 2010

….my cousin’s new save the date cards on etsy! i wish i had half the artistic talent as she does!


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