we’ve got the tunes!

by jacin on January 29, 2010

dj or band.  band or dj?  live music during cocktail hour?  blast an iPod mix?  what to do??

because we are planning our entire wedding from the other side of the country, we don’t have the luxury of being able to go and watch bands perform, meet with them, and decide if we like them or not.  we’ve been slaves to youtube and cheesy websites, and it just hasn’t been cutting it.  by the way, if you’re interested, “september” by earth, wind, and fire seems to be the most popular demo song out there these days :).

so…we finally decided on a DJ and couldn’t be happier.  we booked After Hours DJ after getting chased by a few other vendors for a while now.  our man sal on the other hand, didn’t pressure us at all.  he was so helpful and spent 50 minutes on a conference call with me and pat, walking through the entire day and what to expect.  he had us thinking of things we never even thought of, like honoring anniversaries and do we want to kiss when people clink their glasses with the silverware (of course!), and so many other aspects of the day that never even came to mind.  they set up a website for us to go online and pick the songs we want and also the ones for the do-not-play list :)

those who know me well know how much i love music.  i was always the DJ on road trips and at parties i’m usually working the iPod playlists - so to now have the opportunity to put so much creativity in to the musical aspect of our wedding, you could say i’m pretty excited!

it’s all coming together!

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