October 2010

wedding recap part 4 - cocktail hour!

by jacin on October 29, 2010

*disclaimer - i am so sorry to be posting these separately and sporadically, but there are so many photos that i want to focus on each aspect of the day in it’s own post.  and PS - HAPPY FRIDAY!!* so we’re all caught up now, we’ve discussed the rehearsal, the morning-of, and the ceremony, which [...]


guest blogger ashley from Green Eyed Monster!

by jacin on October 28, 2010

please please please go check out this amazing blog, green eyed monster, that i stumbled upon a few months ago - i’ve been a loyal reader ever since!!  thanks so much to ashley for doing today’s guest post after i came across her amazing pumpkins yesterday and immediately contacted her to see if she could [...]


wedding recap part 3 - the ceremony

by jacin on October 26, 2010

so far we’ve gone over the rehearsal & rehearsal dinner, the morning-of, and now we’re up to the big event.  why am i doing this in pieces?  well, i am limited in the number of photos i can use as i now have to wait 6-months for rights to ALL of my photographer’s pics, and [...]


from inspiration to reality

by jacin on October 22, 2010

i am so honored to be doing a post for erin over at sparkle & hay while she’s on hiatus for her wedding, and i decided to put it up on mine today as well :).  it’s been so much fun getting to know her throughout this whole process and it’s so funny to say [...]


congrats jessica!!  contact me and i’ll send you the gift certificate to CSN stores :) if you haven’t checked out jessica’s blog, heart on a homestead - GO NOW!  it’s adorable! and just so you all know i was fair and square… here’s the tool i used to randomly generate the lucky winner! thanks to [...]


honeymoon’s over… and a game of tag

by jacin on October 12, 2010

i now know what that means!!  the first day back at work after 12 business days off is NOT easy :)   we had such an amazing time.  we got up everyday at around 7:30 the first week, just because we wanted to.  then we sat in a lounge chair for a few hours… and i [...]


guest blogger erin from sparkle & hay!

by jacin on October 8, 2010

i may be nearing the end of my vacation but that doesn’t mean that one of my absolute favorite blogger friends can’t have her say today!  i heart this girl - erin, from sparkle & hay.  throughout our wedding planning process we have become friends, and i am so happy about that!  thank you erin [...]


tunes for the crew

by jacin on October 4, 2010

and now, i am again sitting on a beach, probably regretting the thousands of calories i’ve consumed over the past few days but OK with it too.  here’s another pre-planned post to give you some behind the scenes info from the big day :) so i had in my head all along that i wanted [...]

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yet another pre-planned post to fill you in on the details i couldn’t share before.  not that my love for etsy is a secret.  but the gifts i bought are (PS i know you’re not supposed to end a sentence with a preposition, but i don’t know how else to say that sentence) :) it’s [...]


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