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by jacin on October 8, 2010

i may be nearing the end of my vacation but that doesn’t mean that one of my absolute favorite blogger friends can’t have her say today!  i heart this girl - erin, from sparkle & hay.  throughout our wedding planning process we have become friends, and i am so happy about that!  thank you erin for posting today!! :)

Hi She Said yes readers!!! I’m Erin from Sparkle&Hay and I’m positively thrilled to be guest posting for Ms Jacin while she’s busy getting MARRIED & honeymooning away! (Yaaaaay! – Congratulations!!!!! ) Since I’ve had the pleasure of watching the wedding take shape throughout the planning process I got to thinking about what I would wear if I was a guest at Jacin & Pat’s wedding…

Keeping with the summertime feeling; I would love to wear something flirty and fun; and of course have multiple shoe options. A flat for the ceremony, heel for the reception, and some coordinating flip flops for late (because those heels just can’t keep up with my dancing!)

Jacin's Wedding

Jacin’s Wedding by erin*sparkle&hay featuring christian louboutin shoes

J.Crew - Strapless impressionist dress golden beach, $148
Hobbs Charlotte Cardigan, Sapphire, 16, 65 GBP
Yotruche 100 ostrich pumps, $523
Kate Spade Women’s Bow Peep Toe Flat, $135
Gap Womens Havaianas Flip Flops, $18
Inge Christopher EVE519, $112
kate spade tapered hoop earrings, $48
kate spade ‘idiom’ thin enamel bangle, $42

A few general wedding attire etiquette tips while I’m at it (because we all know that dressing for a wedding can be a tricky thing!)

Location and Time of day matter. I think this one is pretty obvious. You are not going to wear a long satin dress to an 11am wedding set in a field with a reception in a barn anymore than you are going to wear a light pink flowy sundress to a 6pm ballroom wedding. I think sometimes where it sometimes gets harder to figure out what to wear is with regard to appropriateness. As girls; we all love to get dressed up when we go out together, but weddings are not a time to wear that cute dress that you are thinking might be fun to wear when you go out in the city next weekend. A few rules of thumb (from Claire at Realistic Wedding)
• If you can’t bend over in your dress, it’s inappropriate for a wedding
• Don’t wear anything that is overly flashy, neon or overly embellished because this will take people’s eyes off the bride and groom
• Do not show off too much skin
• Do not wear anything cut off, stained or with holes
• Do not try to dress exactly like the bridesmaids
• Do not wear ANYTHING bridal or resembling bridal

If you are not directly friends with the bride or somehow don’t know what colors the bridesmaids are wearing do ask (or ask your date to ask the groom) what the color is. You don’t want to look like the out of place is she/isn’t she bridesmaid. Some people are very anti- black dresses at weddings, however I think a cute black dress paired with FUN jewelry and shoes is a standard fall back.

Most of all make sure you are comfortable and feel good about yourself – you are there to celebrate with the happy couple and have FUN!

Again – congratulations Jacin & Pat – happy love! xo

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