Bridal Fitness

Jonny is back today for some Bridal Fitness with a tour of his kitchen for healthy foods (video 1) and introducing his healthy coconut chicken curry recipe (video 2). Move over, Food Network - here’s Jonny! Recipe:2 cubed boneless skinless chicken breast1/2 cup coconut milk1.5-2 cups bamboo shoots1 tablespoon “Mae Ploy” red curry paste Have [...]


via Jonny is back today for a Bridal Fitness post on setting goals high and making sure you reach them! Set the Bar High When it comes to your fitness, what expectations are you setting for yourself? When you set your goals, are you setting them high enough? Or are you playing it safe, and shooting [...]


Today’s Bridal Fitness post comes in the form of a video post from Jonny, our Bridal Fitness editor.  A reader asked how to stay healthy while traveling - a real challenge for all of us - and Jonny took us on a grocery store tour to give us the facts!! Here he is (with co-star [...]


it’s Jonny! Reader Question: “If i have like a bajillion pounds (actual number about 60) to lose, whats the best way to break it down?“ More extreme makeovers = more extreme programs. Not really Picture this. You have two women who want to get in the best shape of their life for their wedding. To [...]


Bridal Fitness: Beating the "Bat Wings"

by jacin on February 1, 2011

source On the issue of “Batwings” What do women and Batman have in common? When Jacin and I first met, I asked her as I do all my clients what her main goal was. I’ll never forget what she said, as it rings through my head every time I notice it on women.  “I don’t [...]