August 2010

the sweetest thing

by jacin on August 31, 2010

warning.  brides on emotional overload should not watch :)  dancy, this means you  :) i just found this on the little black book blog (style me pretty), and it is one of the best wedding videos i’ve seen yet.  so sweet.  so sweet in fact, that it was worth me doing 2 posts in one [...]


tag - you’re it!

by jacin on August 29, 2010

apparently there’s a game of tag going around the wedding blogs, and today i was tagged by none other than miss puppy love at “classic puppy love”!  so, in keeping with the game, once you’ve been tagged, you answer 8 questions from your “tagger.” then, you write your own 8 questions and tag 8 new [...]


song for mom

by jacin on August 27, 2010

i know there’s no such thing as a mother/daughter dance.  but as i was looking for songs for the father/daughter dance, i came across this one.  and since i’m an emotional basketcase lately (28 days to go and pretty much everything gives me goosebumps or makes me tear up!), i will share this with you [...]


pimp my schoolbus

by jacin on August 26, 2010

we have gone back and forth about renting limos, tried to get a trolley to bring in the san francisco effect, party bus, towncars, you get the picture.  pat has 8 groomsmen and i have 6 in my bridal party.  plus 4 parents, 2 photographers and a videographer, you’ve got yourself a lot of people! [...]


no pain, no gain

by jacin on August 24, 2010

my trainer made a “workout video” of my workouts!  of course i will share it, so, without further ado, here you go :)


embossing 101

by jacin on August 16, 2010

i promised i’d give you the tips on how to emboss.  well after last thursday’s paper shop workshop, i used my 10% off coupon to get a few more materials and now i’m ready to go! without further ado, i present to you, embossing 101.  note - i was just playing around with this, trying [...]


the mystery bachelorette party

by jacin on August 11, 2010

can you believe 5 bridesmaids, a maid of honor, a few other girlfriends, my parents and pat have been able to keep a surprise from me?  me neither.  i am horrible with surprises.  at christmastime i always want to give my gifts away the second i buy them; i’m so excited for the recipient to [...]


ode to my trainer

by jacin on August 8, 2010

this post is a bit intimidating to write, as i don’t usually like to talk about this kind of thing.  but i’m proud of the hard work i’ve been doing for “operation wedding dress“, so i’m going to just put it out there… …since working out with my trainer jonny chai, i’ve lost 16 pounds!!! [...]


the father daughter dance

by jacin on August 4, 2010

…is going to be a surprise? my dad and i have been talking about potential songs and i really liked “my wish” by rascal flatts**… the words mean a lot to me because they remind me of the letters my dad has sent me through the years and the advice he’s always given me.  but [...]


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