June 2010

fun bachelorette party game

by jacin on June 29, 2010

anyone have any bachelorette parties coming up?  personally, i’d rather have the mandatory veil or sash than wear the you-know-whats all over the place!!!  no thanks!  but i know i must surrender myself to the girls and i will probably have no choice when the time comes in august :) ANYWAYS!  i have created this [...]

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i heart the Paper Source

by jacin on June 26, 2010

have you been there yet?  if you haven’t, go now.  it is AMAZING!  not all of us can be like my girl JEM - Aqua Bride who has it going on when it comes to D.I.Y. - me?  not so much. that’s where the Paper Source comes in.    source i went there the other night [...]


3 months!!!

by jacin on June 25, 2010

source three months from today i will be getting married!!  time has FLOWN by, and i can’t even believe we’ve already hit the 3-month mark!  we still have so many things to do but i’m trying to remain calm :) our list: finalize the song list for the DJ (and the DO NOT PLAY LIST!) [...]

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if you live in california but your showers are back east, how do you get everything home, you might ask?  it definitely didn’t sound like an easy task but after all was said and done, wasn’t too bad! after the beautiful shower that pat’s mom, aunt and sister-in-law threw for me in new jersey this [...]

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i’m a guys girl - i get it, i’m not upset about the bachelor party because frankly, i’ve lived through 5 other bachelor parties so even though this one is his, it still doesn’t really bother me.  of course the fact that i have about 5,000,000 other things going on this weekend to distract me (yankees [...]

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10% discount at bluenile!

by jacin on June 16, 2010

i ordered my wedding band from bluenile.com because they offer free FedEx shipping and i finally decided to go with a platinum band vs. white gold (because my engagement ring is also platinum and i’ve heard horror stories about mixing the metals and was worried about my engagement ring denting the white gold).  i actually [...]


our san francisco half marathon

by jacin on June 13, 2010

as some of you may know, i am currently training for the new york marathon.  oh, and planning a wedding.  oh, and fundraising $6,000 for cancer research for the marathon with my cousin.  oh, and i have to raise it all by end of august… no big deal, right?  what the @#$% was i thinking!!!  [...]

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