shower gift cross-country transportation dilemmas?

by jacin on June 24, 2010

if you live in california but your showers are back east, how do you get everything home, you might ask?  it definitely didn’t sound like an easy task but after all was said and done, wasn’t too bad!

after the beautiful shower that pat’s mom, aunt and sister-in-law threw for me in new jersey this past weekend, my mom and bridesmaids packed up my rental SUV and we drove everything back up to my parents’ house in connecticut.  then, my mom and i walked everything from the trunk/back seat up the stairs, across the lawn, across the porch, up the stairs and to my old bedroom (which PS is still the most comfortable bed in the world by the way).  

the next day i called bed, bath & beyond to see what kind of options i had - could i please please please drop everything off at the connecticut store and then magically pick it all up at my local BB&B in san francisco?  luckily, the nice store clerk happened to be working that day so that’s exactly what we did!

so on monday morning, my dad and i walked everything back down the stairs, across the porch, across the lawn, down the stairs and put it all back in the trunk/backseat of my rental SUV.  then i drove everything to my local BB&B in milford, ct, loaded shopping carts full of wonderful gifts in to the store, returned it all, and jetted off to newark airport to head back to SFO.

on tuesday, i knew i had to act quickly because there was one minor catch… when i returned everything, it was all added back on to my registry!  i wanted to make sure that no one else purchased the gifts we had already received, and also that no one thought we actually returned the gifts they gave us, so as soon as i could, i headed to my local BB&B in san francisco to pick everything back up and cram it in to my civic - not quite as easy as the SUV, especially by myself, but it worked!!

personal photo

as if things weren’t getting “real” before - now we have proof of the upcoming marriage with REAL pots and pans (i feel like barefoot contessa!), matching plates (i secretly kept my pink plastic CVS picnic flower plates but pat will never find them), matching glasses (pat secretly kept his guinness and harp pint glasses but i pretended i didn’t find them), a working toaster oven that won’t set the building on fire and many other wonderful things.  now that i have the transportation part of things figured out, shower #2 in 2 weeks should be a snap!

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D. Marie June 24, 2010 at 2:58 PM

You and your dad are smart for thinking of asking BB&B to do that. And its so great of you to post the idea for other brides to steal! :) PS I think we have the same plate set…they are a blueish but are called eggplant? I love them btw! Esp the bowls!

PS…It was so wonderful to see your lovely comment. I really love blogging about weddings and about my own wedding to reach out to other brides and help them with their planning journey. THank you so much! :) ♥


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