the dress!

by jacin on January 22, 2010

i am so excited!!!!  i found the one!  funny how that term seems to follow you around while planning a wedding.  

i went to new jersey this week for a meeting at work, and one night after work i called my friend sam to see if she wanted to head over to ally’s bridal with me, a custom-made dress shop in hoboken, nj.  along with sam, two of my other friends had purchased their dresses at ally’s too, and i actually bought my bridesmaid dress for sam’s wedding here too.  ally is an amazing seamstress and some of these designs seriously look like they’re straight off the runway - but custom-made!

so sam and i went in and i pulled a few dresses i thought i’d like, and then ally recommended that i try one other dress on that i actually didnt even pull.  it had a high neckline and straps and was totally not my style.  but with a few safety pins, ally was able to transform this neckline and when i tried it on, sam and i both liked it but there was still something missing.  with one more quick and easy alteration, sam and i both knew it was the one!  i was a little sad because, living across the country and finding the dress in NJ, my mom wasn’t able to see it and be there.  but like i said, we went together to my first try so i am happy to have been able to do that!  so i texted a few pics to my mom and bought the dress on the spot!

i can’t wait to go back in june for my first fitting!

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