mission accomplished - date, church and venue!

by jacin on October 11, 2009

after a long flight back east and what seemed like an even longer drive back up to guilford (after stopping in hoboken for some real jersey bagels of course), i stopped by pat’s brother’s house to see the kids and say hello, as my parents were on their way back from rhode island and weren’t home yet to meet me.  it was fun to see family for the first time since we’ve been engaged and the little girls were cute, excited to have a new “aunt”!
i headed up to guilford shortly afterwards, and went down to check out the guilford yacht club - it was, of course, just as beautiful as i’ve imagined in the photos, and i thought i had my mind all made up on where the reception would take place.
well, that was, until i met up with my parents and we drove down in to the thimble islands of branford - when we came upon the pine orchard yacht club which as soon as i walked inside and saw the view, i knew it was “the one”.  check out this amazing view of the thimble islands and long island sound:

and here’s the view looking back at the venue from the water:
i looked at my parents and we all said “ok, this is it!” - we all got excited, and i gave pat a call, to see what he thought.  just so everyone doesnt think i’ve been making all these decisions on my own, pat and i have been researching venues for the past few months even, “just in case”, so we had an idea beforehand of where we might want to get married.  it is so hard to tell through photos online though, so i wanted to check them both beforehand.  well anyways, pat could tell by the sound of my voice that the place was perfect, and he was excited as well. 
next up, we had to figure out a date!  i’ve been planning some things around some vendors that i wanted, example steve depino for photographs (https://www.stevedepino.com/) and jenny fresa for makeup (https://www.jenniefresa.com/) - so i was hoping the available dates would match their openings as well.  long story short - my dates didn’t quite work out with theirs, but they did match with the church, and to my family and pat’s, that’s probably most important. 
i actually had a good meeting with the priest and felt really comfortable, so we decided on a date, September 25, 2010.  we accomplished a lot today - can’t wait to start planning!

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