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by jacin on September 24, 2010

well friends, here we are.  it’s thursday night as i write this and i’ve just had the most amazing day.

this morning pat and i arrived at my parents house in guilford at 2:30am which means we slept in til around 9:30am.  not too long but it’s almost impossible to sleep in at my house in CT :)

once we were up and running, we headed to the town hall first thing to get our marriage license!  of course i had to document it and here are some pics from our exciting adventure (ha!  the town hall is maybe 2 miles from my house so i wouldn’t really call it an adventure, but hey, you never know):

(sorry for the bad censoring of info)

next up, we went over to the church to meet (yes, meet) our priest for the first time.  you might recall (sorry, too tired to do back-post links) that our church has gone through 3 priests since we got engaged, so we’re just meeting our new priest for the first time 2 days before the wedding.  but he’s awesome, he’s irish, and he gets US.  life is good.

then we headed back to the house and pat, my dad and brother went off to pick up their tuxes while i headed back to the hair salon for hair trial part 2.  honestly, i have no #$%^& clue what i’m going to end up doing with my hair so it will be a real surprise to all when i get to the hair salon on saturday morning :)

after the guys got back and i returned from my hair trial, my MOH showed up and we all got some pool time in.  we just sat by my parents pool and i slightly ran in and out of the house getting little things done, but for the most part we all just hung out which was great.

after getting our tan on, we gathered most of the materials needed for the yacht club (menus, decorations directions, signature cocktail signs, photobooth reminders, etc) and met up with a family friend who has volunteered to decorate our reception venue for us.  CAN we please discuss what a weight this has taken off my shoulders?  it’s amazing and i can’t thank her enough.  i also brought my pretty straws and canning jars, etc. and got her and my venue manager up to speed and then we were back on our merry way.

when we returned to the house again, we got ready for our bbq- my parents invited pat’s family over for a BBQ, and then the wedding party showed up later.  at one point there were probably 30 people at my parents house and it. was. awesome.  it was so much fun to have pat’s whole family there, and then my college and hometown friends all over at my parent’s house, the house i grew up in.  it was surreal.

and here i am now.

yeah check out the awesome leftover curls!  haha.  i got 1 of 40 tissue puff balls “puffed” today, and my dress is mine now, and in my posession.  this pic was taken right before i headed to my little crappy laptop to write this post…

tomorrow will be just as busy today but don’t worry, i’ll get some relaxation time in.  tomorrow includes getting our nails did, puffing the puff balls, rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  and as always, i.  can’t.  wait.  :)

i’m just gonna throw it out there now that tomorrow’s post will be pre-planned.  i will try on sunday to sneak in a pic here or there from the wedding but just in case, go here: next week and you should be able to see some wedding pics after the big day.

regardless, i just want to thank you all NOW for your supportive comments and for making this process so amazing for me.  it’s been a blast sharing my “diary” with everyone and i’m not stopping here… stay tuned for more on that when i return from my honeymoon though :)  it’s funny because before i started this blog i had no idea what it could become, and now i feel like i am sharing my story with a great network of friends. 

happy friday!  and to all my ladies getting married this weekend - CHEERS!

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Kristina September 24, 2010 at 5:59 AM

ahhhh so exciting!! i can't wait to see the photos on your photog's blog - going to be great!!

have an amazing wedding day!! weather's looking perfect!


LWoodsNY September 24, 2010 at 7:04 AM

I'm so excited for you! Enjoy every minute of it!


every little kiss September 24, 2010 at 7:46 AM

CONGRATS!!!! have a wonderful day today and tomorrow and i cant WAIT to see photos!!!


D. Marie September 24, 2010 at 9:58 AM

Congrats!! What a great day to have both familes, bridal party and old friends hanging out together!! And you are both so loved!! :) Cant wait to see your wedding day sneek peak! Congrats again, you're going to look stunning!!


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