unique ring photos

by jacin on November 12, 2010

side note - so sorry everyone, this went up yesterday by accident!  so let’s try that again :) one of my favorite detail shots is always centered around the rings.  i love how creative the photographers can get with the intricate placement of the rings for these amazing photos.  below is just a sampling of [...]


pretty paper giveaway alert!!

by jacin on November 9, 2010

hi!  so excited to have another giveaway for you this week, coming from another fabulous etsy seller, courtney talbot - check out her shop and see all the gorgeous custom design work she has to offer!! you all know i’m a details person and i especially love the pretty little details in this week’s giveaway!! [...]


happy november!

by jacin on November 2, 2010

you know what that means?  so many little things that make me happy :) so like any good blogger friend, i must share them with you! 1 - those gorgeous little red cups of starbucks holiday coffee have returned!!  peppermint mocha, here i come.  and as i was discussing with my pal erin over at [...]


wedding recap part 4 - cocktail hour!

by jacin on October 29, 2010

*disclaimer - i am so sorry to be posting these separately and sporadically, but there are so many photos that i want to focus on each aspect of the day in it’s own post.  and PS - HAPPY FRIDAY!!* so we’re all caught up now, we’ve discussed the rehearsal, the morning-of, and the ceremony, which [...]


wedding recap part 3 - the ceremony

by jacin on October 26, 2010

so far we’ve gone over the rehearsal & rehearsal dinner, the morning-of, and now we’re up to the big event.  why am i doing this in pieces?  well, i am limited in the number of photos i can use as i now have to wait 6-months for rights to ALL of my photographer’s pics, and [...]


from inspiration to reality

by jacin on October 22, 2010

i am so honored to be doing a post for erin over at sparkle & hay while she’s on hiatus for her wedding, and i decided to put it up on mine today as well :).  it’s been so much fun getting to know her throughout this whole process and it’s so funny to say [...]


out of town bags

by jacin on September 23, 2010

my amazing maid of honor volunteered to take these things off my plate and i happily let her go with it!  we talked about what would go inside, i typed up a little welcome letter including schedule of events, shuttle bus information, local watering holes and most importantly, taxi numbers for people who wanted to [...]


pretty straws

by jacin on September 22, 2010

i can’t remember, did i tell you we picked our signature cocktail?  if i did, just bear with me because my mind is moving a mile a minute, and oh yeah, i’m almost 3 days away :) we decided on a great little cocktail called a “hole in one”.  it’s perfect for our wedding because [...]


all you need is love… my idea down the drain :(

by jacin on September 20, 2010

i had an amazing surprise i couldn’t wait to share with everyone.  it was ingenious (ha!).  but seriously, it was something i tried so hard to make work.  but some things just aren’t meant to be. with this being said, i will share my idea with you and maybe another bride can make it work [...]